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In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, young Prince Hamlet certainly knows the definition of teenage angst.  A most ponderous fellow, he questions many things surrounding life and death in perhaps the most famous of soliloquies, “To Be or Not to Be.”  When Mrs. Fallon asked her seniors to write about their own queries, here’s what they came up with…


Soliloquy for Senioritis
by Brittney Gordon, Tucker Smith, and Ryan Maloney

To study or not to study, that is the question,
Is it honorable to put off the work for Facebook, iTunes, and other obsessions?
Or, perhaps, it more advantageous to study all night long,
And by drowning in textbooks keep our GPAs irrefutably strong?
Accomplishments and successes are definitely factors to acknowledge,
For they keep us driven though we know we have already been accepted to college,
And there’s the rub, I fear,
The reason some of us seniors continue to persevere,
And the factor that makes for a painfully long school year:
For in lack of studying, failure lies,
And our parents, on PowerSchool, will be able to pry,
And the punishments will come left and right:
No computer, no TV, no going out tonight,
For who would bear the tremendous burden of learning,
If the repercussions weren’t remotely concerning?
But after the immediate and obvious punishments, we must consider
The more alarming consequences that continually make us jitter,
Will our dream colleges revoke our acceptances and rain on our parades,
When they see our embarrassingly disgraceful midyear grades?
And because of our fleeting and irresponsible senioritis fling,
Will we be forced to work forever at Burger King?
Each day we make a choice: to rise early and be prepared for the day ahead,
Or hit in snooze button and lay in bed instead,
But the fear of failure and disappointment haunts us all,
And keeps us returning every day at 7:45 to the RFH halls,
But parents and college and teachers aside,
To study or not to study – it’s for you to decide

Soft you now—
The fair Mrs. Fallon does prowl
“How is the poem coming?” she will ask,
Truthfully, she should be thankful we even chose to complete this task,
Because honestly we don’t feel like lifting another pen,
For we are the RFH seniors of 2010.

The Slacker’s Soliloquy
by Moe Osmulski and Anna Coffman

To study or not to study – that is the question
Is it better to slack or to host a cram session?
There are benefits of studying for midterms –
Hours of work that that A plus confirms
However, students fail easily when they don’t try
Upon receiving their F, they tend to cry
And by slacking of, they admit defeat
But there’s always the frowned upon route – to cheat!
Most of them seem to follow the rules
But there are those who appear to be fools
There is no stress in the absence of scrutiny
Perhaps they’ll all rebel – stir up a mutiny
They wish to text, socialize, sleep, and eat
Rather than become one of the elite
For to dream in class, that’s what gets them detention
Oh, how they wish they had paid attention!
They wish they could work up to their expectation
However, most leisure in the act of procrastination
To study, to think, to write, to read
It must be worth it, worth it indeed

Peer Pressure Soliloquy
by Bethany Glandt and Lauren Marra

To give in or not to give in-that is the question.
Is it better to give in under pressure,
Or retaliate against the actions of my peers
And suffer what those may not deem normal?
And by giving in we end the self-empowerment
Of our minds.
But there is a problem-
For having that drink comes with consequences:
Internal blackness, words you may not wish to speak, and moral violation
Are sure to follow.
For who would want to bear through the social norm,
When that norm could ruin your reputation,
Or your life.
Is the burning in your throat and the temporary rush
Worth anything at all?
The feeling of fitting in may seem so appealing at the time
And to know others are doing the same-
But is giving in all that you thought it would be?

Britney Spears’ Soliloquy
by Laura Rees and Anna Conklin

To go crazy or not to go crazy,
That is the question.
Whether it’s better to be normal
Taking care of my kids and being a good wife
Or continuing with my career
And leading a happy life,
No more!  Normal is no fun.
Shaving, beating cars with umbrellas
Staying true to myself
That will last a lifetime.
Go crazy, go wild.
Go wild, driving with my kid on my lap,
Shaving my head and getting tattoos.
My kids will be proud, woohoo!
For I am the queen of disaster.

Soliloquy for the College-Bound Student
by Kristen DiReda and Christine Levantino

To apply or not to apply that is the question,
Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer
The hours upon hours of applications,
Or to blow it off until the last minute.
Or better yet, to deal with your guidance counselor,
Who seems to make the process more complicated,
And confuse us more.
If only we could sleep after the painstaking hours,
To sleep, to dream. To dream of paying
Someone else to do them for you.
For dreaming of being accepted
Is much better than waiting for months.
We fear the date we must hit submit,
And whether we are accepted or denied.
But because we know we have to,
Or really because our parents make us,
We suffer and procrastinate through every weekend,
Awaiting the final decision.

The Dreamer’s Soliloquy
by Casey Gaynor and Danielle Cardelfe

To wake, or not to wake, that is the question:
Whether it is better to sleep in my bed,
Escaping reality and not having responsibilities,
Or continue the tedious routine of going to school
And by opposing, get detention. To sleep, to dream,
No more, and by waking up, we will earn that
Envious, highly recognized diploma
That will take us to the college of our dreams,
Which will ultimately have a better outcome.
To sleep, to dream;
To dream; as the sleep wears off I hear pieces of reality; ay, I can’t be late;
My principle will have yet another meeting with me; not to be tardy,
For who would wants to supervise my unacceptable detention,
The countless minutes of silence
The aches and pains of sitting in those uncomfortable plastic chairs?
And that familiar feeling of my heavy eye lids drooping,
When the classes have been taught, only one place left to go,
Which is my comfy bed, where my pillow will be waiting, sheets already undone,
With this laborious day over, Tuesday will soon arrive.

Soliloquy of the Wolf
by Ray Binaco and Ryan Quinn

To kill or not to kill, that is the question:
Is it nobler to take life
Removing the spark from another’s eyes,
Or to ignore the growing pangs of hunger
And end our sorrows by starving.
By dying we find freedom
From lives full of slaughter and pain
And begin our time in the endless dream.
Who would prolong life
Knowing that death follows where we lead
And lifeblood will be spilled in our wake?
But fear pursues us,
Causing us to continue the hunt
Afraid of the unknown realm of dreams
From which no brother returns.
Even the fierce and the powerful,
Cornered by the thought of fatality,
Turn their jaws once again
And make their prey an unwilling sacrifice,
Bringing death to preserve life.

Skipping School Soliloquy
by Leland Kohere & Guy Cardinale

To skip or not to skip, that is the question.
Whether it is nobler to sit in school and suffer,
the monotone of the teacher’s voice,
and the blank stares of students.
Or to be free in the halls or at home,
laying in bed with the TV on, or hangin’ with friends.
Is it worth going against the rules?
To sit in ISS, which is worse then school?
I’d rather be at home swimming in my pool.
But I don’t want to be a fool; I need to go to school.
Who can endure through the tests, projects, and homework,
the chance to get in trouble among these disrespectful students?
Once summer come, freedom will take over.
No more cutting class & questioning this sin,
for summer will soon begin.

The Swimmer’s Soliloquy
Brielle O’Brien & Colleen Patterson

To swim, or not to swim, that is the question:
Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The one piece bathing suits, and itchy swimcaps,
Or to swim through the pain,
And by opposing, to finish the assigned set.  To dive; to flipturn,
No more, by swimming hard, we will earn that
Satisfying, precious gold medal
That will bring thy fame in the swimming world.
To dive, to flipturn;
To flipturn; on the last lap of the all-important race; ay, I must swim faster;
Many motivational words from the coach, not to slow down,
The numerous cheers from fans,
Aches and pains from holding thy breath,
And that final 10 meters, will finally be complete
When the race is over, only one thing left to do,
Which is ride the bus back home, with a victory.
With this exciting day finally over, another meet will soon arrive.

A Shopaholic’s Soliloquy
by Taylor Bartel and Pierce Golden

To shop or not the shop — that is the question
Whether it is better to buy this Gucci purse
Or to save the money I have worked for
Or perhaps end my habit of impulse buying
I wish I could learn to control my money
And if I stop, what will become of me?
I will no longer be up with the trends or in style
I must take this into consideration,
And that is why I am a shopaholic
The Prada sunglasses, or my dignity?
Who wouldn’t want to be chic?
But is it worth the countless hours
And infinite amount of money?
Oh the financial struggle,
But to deceive fashion…
What am I to do?

The Dieter’s Soliloquy
by Elizabeth Henne and Charlie Puth

To eat, or not to eat, that is the question;
Whether it is nobler to stuff my face with various cakes and desserts
And suffer from the loss of dignity,
Or dust the spider webs off my treadmill,
And burn off the cellulite. To eat; to be
Lazy no more, and by working out,
We will earn the rewarding, satisfying, set of washboard abs,
That will be proudly shown off at the beach,
And the temptation to eat garbage, will be gone
To eat, to watch;
To watch; the numbers add up on the scale; ay, I am fat;
The scornful stares of people on the street, to be brought back again,
For who could endure the sweet smell of doughnuts in the bakery,
The mouth watering icing dripping off the cinnamon buns
Aches and pains of filling my stomach to its capacity
But at the end of the day, will this be what I want,
When I can no longer fit into my brand new jeans?
No, changes must be made, the diet shall begin.

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