Poem Pups


Student poems inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper and the photographs of National Geographic:


by Grace Clerkin (sophomore)

Just a cup, please,
one very hot cup
one porcelain cup
full of something magic
to keep me awake
to give me a reason to stay
for as long as I can

Tick, tick, tick
an hour goes by
looks are cast
at me
the girl with the hat
no one stays
as long as I

Just a cup, please,
one cold, lonely cup
one chilly to the touch
full of mistakes
I can’t undo
that give me a reason to stay
for as long as I can


The Edge
by Peter Jeffers (freshman)

He will surely fall soon.
Like a leaf in the October wind,
standing on the middle of the cliff,
standing for absolutely nothing,
not leaning toward one side or the other.
He can’t see what I can see from the edge,
not leaning towards one side or the other
that man will surely fall soon.


by Sterling Campbell (freshman)

starless night
one igloo
surrounded by darkness
brighten up the night
the ice lit up
to light the way
for its owner to come.


Everything Her Mother
Wouldn’t Approve Of

by Christie Young (sophomore)

pleated skirt
and a short top
mother didn’t like it
which made her like it even more
long skinny legs
light skin against the dark night
doing and saying and being
her mother wouldn’t approve of


Black Lightening
by Kristen Bauer (senior)

I never meant
to hurt anyone.
“A strange storm
destroyed the woods,
and caused many
casualties.” The reporter
said that it
was a strange
occurrence. Not expected.

But I knew,
the real reason
behind the unexpected
storm. Because I
was there. The
storm was me.

Ever since the
day of the
accident, I have
felt strange. And
then, I changed.

I became something
entirely different. Now,
this force is
eating me inside.
Destroying my soul.

My hands kill.
This force, I
can not control.
Engulfs my hands.
My body. Destructive.

It’s black lightening.
Taking me over
with a mind
of its own.
It travels. Explosive.

I am no
longer human. I
am a mutant.
Capable of death.
I can not
control myself. Control
the deadly mutation.
The black lightening.


Ignoring the Sound
by Courtney Ryan (freshman)

Each key hit
his way of
her and pretending
everything was okay.
He pretended to read
and she just hit the
trying and craving
for his attention.
he went on reading.
everything was okay.


by Robbie Trocchia (senior)

The city is captivating,
its bright lights hold my eyes
in a dreamy gaze,
its grand exterior
like the walls of a fortress
that surrounds a busy little world.

The city is discomforting:
the mystery that lurks in
silent alleys and
abandoned subways,
and the vulnerability you can smell,
so close and so exposed.

The city is hopeful,
its colors, its vibrancy,
the promise of
opportunity and
happiness to be

The city is home,
its many souls
embrace me,
its spirit is
always in me.


Paper Reality
by Elsa Stoff (freshman)

Paper girl stuck
In the real world
The end of it all
Greets me now
Never thought
New York which beckoned me
Would become a reality
Too simple so
I enter the Paper World
Made for me:
A Paper Girl
Where my mind leads me
All the important people mean nothing
In a Paper World
Reality shirks
From my spirit
Untamed as a wolf
Vitality and soul soaring suddenly
Now that I left that sullen place—
Known as life as you know it—
And entered
The Paper Town
No two hearts beat the same
In a Paper Town
And every place has its own name
In a Paper Town
So forever I will be
In a Paper Town


Ode to the Ode
By Caleigh Farragher (freshman)

No one would think
To ode an ode
Written for something
Other than itself
Always humble

Line by line
Word by word
All for something else
Never selfish
Always honoring others

Filled with love
Sorrow or happiness
Never recognized for its duty
But always used


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