2009 Fall Recap

by Sarah Delaney and MacKenzie Phillips

In case you missed it, here is a recap of the ’09-’10 school year thus far…

September 1, School Begins! And everyone gets back into the RFH routine.

October 3, RFH vs. Asbury Park– This was one of the first major games of the season! The Bulldogs won a close game, 28-18 against the defending state champions. This game was the first RFH game to be televised!

October 5-9, Spirit Week– The eccentric week was hilarious and fun for all who participated or even just enjoyed the elaborate senior costumes. It was composed of pajama day, clash day, dress like a celebrity day, decade day, and of course, purple pride day! The seniors rightfully won the hallway decorating contest with 2010 posters embellishing the wing.

Senior hallway decorations.  Enter at your own risk!

Senior hallway...enter at your own risk!

October 9-10, RFH vs. Shore Regional: Homecoming Game and Dance– Our  rivals were defeated 20-12 for an exciting homecoming victory, bringing the bulldogs’ undefeated record up to 5-0. Homecoming had a unique “Welcome to the Jungle” theme this year, and Sean Burke and Margaux Lucarelli were our homecoming king and queen of the senior class.

October 29, RFH Senior Halloween Breakfast– Parents did a great job hosting the breakfast in the cafeteria for the RFH seniors. Students spent time eating and having fun while dressed in their costumes.

2009 costume contest winners...and homemade!

November 11, RFH Powder-puff Game– Thankfully, it was a few degrees warmer for the players and attendees this year! The sophomores won by 1 touchdown and the Junior class shut out and dominated the seniors.

November 14, RFH vs. A.L. Johnson– In the first round of the state tournament, the team won 23-0, successfully keeping A.L. Johnson scoreless.

November 14-15, The Egyptian Fable– The drama club put on another successful production with several talented cast members acting out an Egyptian spin on the fairy-tale Cinderella, with an original script written by Mrs. Sweeney.

November 18, RFH Senior vs. Staff Volleyball Game– The staff  brought home the win with the final set score 5-2.

November 20, RFH vs. Manasquan– After beating A.L. Johnson in the first round of the state tournament, it came to an end after the Bulldogs unfortunately lost against Manasquan 23-11. The team was dedicated until the end though, and the fans were commended for their school spirit. It was an end to a season that had been undefeated to that point, one of the best seasons in RFH history!

Picture taken by: Dakota Sagnelli

December 23, RFH Senior Roast– The faculty hosted their annual roast ceremony directed towards the senior class. The teachers poked fun at students for relationships, personalities, and other characteristics.  It was a great time!

December 23, RFH Holiday Concert– The band, orchestra, jazz ensemble, and Tower Singers put on an entertaining show for us.  Soloists were an exciting part of the program!

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