5 Simple Pleasures to Live By:

by Sophia Yonezuka

5. Checking something off your to-do list– Call Aunt Susie, check! Take out the garbage, check! Finish history paper, check! Instead of procrastinating, set yourself on a mission to accomplish all your duties. Something as simple as making a check mark, can become your biggest satisfaction; so get it done!

4. The feeling after a good workout– You just finished your body pump class at the gym. Instead of struggling to get through the sets, you find yourself pushing your body’s limits. The instructor comments on your huge improvement from the last class. You feel confident, accomplished, and on top of the world! So get motivated, and remember that getting there is half the battle!

3. Taking a hot bath…is the perfect way to end a stressful day. Yeah, showers are quick, but sometimes you need to give yourself that extra minute of indulgence. It will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated; so hey, maybe the spa can come to you for a change! There is no need to feel guilty for treating yourself; everyone needs a little pampering now and then! Remember to take care of your body, listen to your mind, and saver that soul of yours!

2. Dancing like you’re crazy-There comes a time when everyone needs to let loose! Whether if it’s at the hottest new club or in your best friend’s room, don’t hold back that inner child within you! Go crazy, because life is too short not to. If you are the reserved type, surround yourself with people you feel most comfortable with, and don’t be afraid to show your true colors!

1. Making someone smile– Giving is something that most of us should do more of. If this is one of your resolutions, start small. One of the biggest gifts you can give someone is making them laugh, or cheering them up. Seeing that you made someone’s day brighter, can also be one of the best rewards. Recalling an old memory or sharing a corny joke can mean the world to someone who is down. Happiness, pass it on.

Happy New Year!

Take a deep breath…you made it through another year! Now you have a new beginning again, a fresh start. When you go to make your resolutions this year, remember that you may often surprise yourself, finding the simplest things enjoyable, incredibly satisfying, and full of life!

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