Advice Team

Dear Advice Team,

Currently I find it unbelievably difficult to distribute my time “wisely” because there’s too much to do! I feel as if every teacher gives us so much work as if their class is the only thing we are going to be working on after school! How do I possibly manage to finish all of my work and also have time for other activities? It’s nearly impossible!!

– Imbalanced

Dear Imbalanced,

The first thing you need to do is make a list of all of your activities in order of priority. We can assume from your question that your homework and studies seems to be one of the top priorities on your list. In this case, estimate how much time it is going to take for each class’s assignment. Remember, each academic class should have the same amount of dedication, because like you said, not only one should count, and therefore, you must allot reasonable amounts of time for each of them.

After you estimate the amount of time required to complete your work, you should estimate the amount of time you have available. Most students get home before or around 3:00, and will go to bed around 10:00. That is a seven-hour time period, and obviously you won’t be doing work for all seven hours. Think about it: how much time could you possibly need to complete the work each day? If you do a sport, usually it can take up two hours of the day (between travel, practice, etc.), and homework should take a maximum of three hours a day. It usually ends up being more for most students, but only due to lack of planning. At RFH, many assignments, as we all know, are given a few days before if not weeks before they are due. And what do most of us do? Do it the night before. Spend a good three hours just on one giant 150-point paper. This could easily be avoided if you worked partially on the assignments a few days beforehand. This goes for studying for tests, too. So don’t wait until the last minute.

Between carefully scheduling your assignments and distributing the correct estimated amount of time to each of them, you should have no problem completing the tasks you need to do and getting nine hours of sleep at the same time.  Just focus on your top priorities and don’t waste too much time!

– Advice Team

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