Is Life Getting to You? Don’t Worry; You’re Not the Only One!

by Sophia Yonezuka

Sometimes something as simple as getting through the day isn’t easy. Let’s face it, we’ve all had days where nothing seems to go right; moments that seem life-shattering in the eyes of a teenager.

So you just fell on your face walking up to the 3rd floor. Don’t panic! Most teenagers are so self-absorbed that they probably didn’t even notice you. We all get carried away with grades, social status, sports and so on…what we don’t always realize is that life goes much further beyond high school, and it will not matter if you aced your chem test or if you were the starting quarterback of the varsity team. If you think you’ve experienced the worst day of your life, remember to think again. In the larger picture, life goes on and you probably won’t remember it ten years from now.

Any teenager will tell you, there is just not enough time in the day for friends, family, school work and extra curricular activities. Balancing your time and transitioning from school to home is not easy.

If you feel like a total stress bomb, that’s OKAY!  “Growing up” is filled with new responsibilities and changes. We’re entitled to be stressed out, simply because life gets harder. We just have to remember to keep a healthy perception on our problems, and to realize that we are not alone. Like everything else, coping with stress comes with practice. Either if it’s venting to your friends, writing in your diary, or tuning out the world with your favorite song, I promise you will feel better!

In order to overcome some of these issues, RFH has created a Stress Management Club that provides guidance and support to all students. Kiah Malick is one of the Stress Management Club leaders, and a loyal confidante to many teenagers. At each meeting, students discuss topics pertaining to stress, such as techniques to help relieve it and its causes. The group provides a comfortable surrounding in which to discuss personal information, and understand that all conversations within the group are confidential.

When discussing issues related to stress, many students are surprised with how similar their stressors are with each other. They understand that there will always be stressors in their lives, and that coping with them is the key. Some of the popular stressors that students comment on are their friends, family, peer pressure, schoolwork, grades, and future.

In Malick’s opinion, we are faced with a tremendous amount of stress; stress that can often overwhelm us:  “When any individual becomes overwhelmed and stressed, they tend to blow the stressor out of proportion as well as its possible consequences”

In order to lower the level of stress, the Stress Management Club  recommends to:

  • be aware of your thoughts and how they affect your perception of the stressor
  • to put the stressor into perspectivefocus on the situation at hand, and try not to blow it out of proportion
  • take a couple of deep breaths and practice relaxation techniques…you may seem a little silly doing it, but hey, you do what you got to do!

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