Student Parking Lot… Not

by Samantha Nasti

Many student drivers at RFH experience difficulty with student parking. Although the concerns mentioned within the next few paragraphs only pertain to student drivers, the student driver population is a fairly large one and many students are growing frustrated with this inconvenience.

The student parking lot, located to the right of the school (facing Ridge Road), is a very convenient spot for the majority of the student drivers of RFH–Seniors–to park because many senior lockers are located right next to it. As much as I wish for all of my fellow classmates to feel at ease when it comes to parking, unfortunately very few of us are that lucky. The student parking lot is dominated by staff-only parking spots!

At first, one might think, “get over it, the staff needs parking too.” Hey, I agree completely. I must respond to arguments similar to this, though, by mentioning two important facts: one, the staff has their own gigantic parking lot, and two, several of the staff spots within the student parking lot are often empty!

Shouldn’t the administration consider the fact that a poor senior who is forced to park his or her car in an unnecessarily far location could happily and gratefully utilize these empty spots? I distinctly remember the moment I handed in my dollar bill and got my senior parking sticker. I stuck it right onto my car and was ecstatic at the thought of parking close to my locker. The next morning, however, this dream was dashed. I showed up in the parking lot at my usual arrival time of 7:15 to, as luck would have it, NO SPOTS!

Trust me… I am not the only one who is becoming increasingly angry because of this inconvenience. I surveyed several students who have noticed at least 10 empty spots daily in the large staff lot, and a few spots each day in the student lot. In other words, it seems that many students are forced to park in other more inconvenient places for no reason.

Other parking options include Bingham Avenue and Piping Rock.  However, each has its own problems.  Bingham Avenue, which happens to be a very far walk from any entrance into school, can be dangerous to back out of.  It is also incredibly far away from the junior and senior lockers.  Piping Rock, which is also pretty far from any junior and senior lockers, is filled up by 7:25, leaving students coming to school a little bit later helpless.

Elizabeth Illiano, an RFH senior, claims “by 7:15 there are no spots available in the senior lot. The staff has their own lot three times the size!” Many students interviewed believe that we should remedy this problem by removing some staff spots from the student lot, or minimizing the staff parking solely in their own enormous lot.

This is a problem that needs a little bit of light shed on it! RFH administration should consider redistributing some of the “student” spots within the “student” lot. If not, another measure should be taken to assist the very complicated attempt at student parking, maybe even allowing some students to park within the staff lot. There are many possible solutions, but one must be taken on in order to ease the impossibility of student parking at RFH.

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