The Egyptian Fable

by Jennifer Mitchell

Mrs. Sweeney’s fall production of The Egyptian Fable is yet another performance by Rumson Fair-Haven High School’s Tower Players and Tech Crew. I was fortunate to view this year’s fall production, and thoroughly enjoyed both its story and talent.

The Egyptian Fable is a Cinderella story set in Egypt, and included a wide variety of dancing and moments of both humor and drama.  A Sweeney original, it was cleverly crafted and incorporated a number of students in a variety of roles.

I feel that despite the strength of the drama program here at RFH, The Egyptian Fable was comparably strong.   The variety of characters were and complexity furthered the plot and added to the drama of the production.  The dialogue was smart and witty, and again demonstrated variety.  This drama was also incredibly intriguing because of the time period it represented: ancient Egyptian times.

Also worth mentioning was this year’s set.  The costumes, props, and scenery were very well done, and helped to create the illusion of a far-off time and place.

If you’re sorry you missed this RFH production, or if you’d like to see more, come to RFH this spring to see the spring musical, Fiddler on the Roof!

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