You Know You’re From RFH If…

by Elizabeth Illiano

You know you’re from RFH if…

  • your parking lot looks like a car dealership.
  • you’ve ever mispelled the word “dog” as “dawg.”
  • you’ve ever gone out to eat and been surprised to find salt on the table.
  • you’ve ever worn black spandex with a sweatshirt and Ugg boots and deemed it an acceptable outfit.
  • you know that “Shore is scum” although you may not know why…
  • Thanksgiving feast is the best day of the year.
  • you know that wednesday is pizza day, thursday is cake day, and friday is cookie day.
  • seniors, you know and love the days when big cookies were a daily treat for just $1.
  • you willingly participate in the Bulldog Rumble.
  • you used to look forward to Big Lou’s free candy on Fridays.
  • you know that anything goes for the seniors on Halloween.
  • you know that the computers in the library take years to start up.
  • parking is impossible if you get to school after 7:20.
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