10 Things to Do Before Graduating RFH

by Elizabeth Illiano


1. Find and visit the Tower. I know you’ve all heard of it. The question is, how do you get to it? The RFH Tower is probably one of the most notorious “best kept secrets” in the school. Teachers tell tales of ghosts haunting it, seniors recount stories of their own adventures, and underclassmen describe their own longings to one day experience the forbidden grounds. While I do not want to endorse a misdemeanor, the Tower is an RFH Legend…some risks are absolutely worth taking.

2. Sing with Mr. Herman. The halls of RFH tend to become lackluster and monotonous as the school year progresses. It’s difficult to find a student who isn’t lethargic and grumpy. However, even on the dreariest of days, one teacher’s songs can always brighten up the mood. Mr. Herman sings Spanish tunes on a daily basis; why not join in one day?

De Colores
De Colores se visten los campos en la primavera
De Colores
De Colores son los pajarillos que vienen de afuera
De Colores
De Colores es el arco iris que vemos lucir
Y por eso los grandes amores
De muchos colores of many bright colors
Me Gustan a mi
Y por eso los grandes amores
De muchos colores
Me Gustan a mi

3. Try (and enjoy) the Thanksgiving and Holiday feasts. Many of us underestimate the food in the cafeteria, and probably rightfully so; however, feasts are not days to resort to PB&J or the eternally-available french fries. And don’t just get the plate; the soup, milk, and desserts make the meal, even though they are not always the most aesthetically pleasing.

4. Go “all out” for a football game. And I mean all out. Paint your face, dye your hair, wear purple ribbons and mardi gras beads, everything. These outfits are seldom considered normal, but at sporting events, I can assure you that street clothes will earn you the hairy eyeball. Your cheering should match your appearance as well: obnoxious. Show (or rather, confirm to) the opposing teams that we truly are the best school in the Shore Conference.

5. Take Graphics as an elective. At some point during the school day, we all tend to wonder, “When are we EVER going to use this in real life?” Graphics I is possibly the epitome of a “things I will use on a near daily basis” class. The course revolves around Photoshop, and who isn’t dying to photoshop their best friends’ heads on other people’s bodies? Not to mention, we all have those Facebook photos that can be edited to contain…more suitable content. You also get to make T-shirts. Everyone loves T-shirts.

6. Take an AP Course. We all need a stimulating challenge somewhere in our schedules, and AP classes can provide just that. Sure. Two months in, you’ll forget why you ever wanted to take such a class, and possibly even begin to consider your sanity. However, after the first week in May, you’re done. Your AP Exam marks the end of the course, and the rest of the year is a walk in the park. Which, by the way, is nice because the weather is finally getting warm.

7. Pull a senior prank. This one will take some collaborating with your grade, but it is a tradition that most high schools embrace. The trick is finding something harmless; something that won’t cause any damage! I would avoid the cow on the third floor or the hallway full of cups of water.

8. Read Catcher in the Rye. But SparkNotes makes everything so much easier! We all pass up the chances to read some books that actually turn out to be good. I know, I know, sports, other homework, and socials lives tend to detract from reading. But, I promise you’ll never forgive yourselves if you skip this one Sophomore year. And if you already did SparkNote that one, it’s not too late! I bet it’ll turn out to be one of your favorites.

9. Go to Prom. This is the biggest high school cliche, and since it has gained that reputation, you’re all obligated. Come on, at least one, just to say you went. And so that twenty years from now, when your children are going to prom, you can show them your out-of-style attire and allow your nostalgia to take over. Sounds like a perfect way to visit memory lane.

10. Have the time of your life. After this, you’re one step closer to the real world and you’ll be considered an adult. As much as we resent the daily grind, you have to admit these are some of the best years of our lives. Minimal responsibility but maximum independence. So, laugh too loud, sing off key, and make best friends and memories you’ll keep forever.


One Response to “10 Things to Do Before Graduating RFH”

  1. Suzanne Biga Says:

    Elizabeth, you’re too funny! #10 is my favorite…and it is SO true. 🙂 Mrs. Biga

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