2nd Edition Table of Contents

Even this guy's excited!


A new edition of the Tower Review is finally here!  Just click on the article titles to enjoy each piece.  Or, peruse by author via the choices on the left, or by category on the right.

Happy reading!



Culture at Large
10 Things to do Before Graduating RFH (Elizabeth Illiano)
RFH Memoir Contest (Elizabeth Illiano)
Bucket List: Things to Do Before You “Kick the Bucket” (Dakota Sagnelli)
Six Types of Prom Dates (Stephanie Russo)
“Alice’s Return” (Hillary Keating)
Negative Nelly and Positive Polly (Sarah Delaney and Sophia Yonezuka)

RFH Students Raise the Roof (Ellie Halfacre)
Behind the Scenes: The Fiddler on the Roof (Stephanie Russo)
Runway to a Remedy (Torri Singer)
A New Prom at RFH (Samantha Nasti)
A New Year Brings Success for Winter Track (Ali Christ)
RFH Tower Players: A Look Inside (Hillary Keating)
The 2010 Swim Team Makes a Splash (Sophia Yonezuka)
March Madness at its Best (Mark Pearsall)
The Delicious Death (Susanne Siebel)
2010 Masters: Tiger’s Return, Mickelson’s Victory (Quinny McKean)
Fair Haven, NJ: Then and Now (Amy Littleson)


The Japan Channel: An Exploration (Jennifer Mitchell)
Would You Accept a Friend Request from Mom? (Sarah Delaney)
Quiz: What Student Council Position Should You Run For? (Amy Littleson)
Become a Fan of Fan Fiction (Hillary Keating)
Skype: A New Way to Communicate! (Jennifer Mitchell)
RFH Bulldogs…or Celebrities? (Ellie Halfacre, Emily Hayes, and MacKenzie Phillips)
Political Tactics in Mainstream Media (Susanne Siebel)
Celebrity Jailhouse Blues (Susanne Siebel)


Pet Peeve #3: Obsessive Compulsive Crazed Fans (Torri Singer)
NBA Awards (Mark Pearsall)
NHL Update (Quinny McKean)
Attack of the Backpack! (Ali Christ)
What’s Up With That?! RFH Fashion Show (Sophia Yonezuka)
The Bubble: Popped (Ali Christ)
Quarterlies: A Student Perspective (Jennifer Mitchell)
The Great Debate (Stephanie Russo)
Equality: An Opportunity for Individuality (Samantha Nasti)
2010 Grammy Awards (Dakota Sagnelli)
Book Review: Open (Quinny McKean)
Book Review: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (MacKenzie Phillips)
Book Review: The Lovely Bones (Emily Hayes)
Movie Review: Shutter Island (Dakota Sagnelli)
Movie Review: Valentine’s Day (MacKenzie Phillips)
Advice Team: Getting on Your Nerves? (Samantha Nasti)
What If…? (2nd Edition) (Taylor Waresh)

The Final Word
Neighbors From a World Away (Torri Singer)
An Open Letter to The Frenemy (Sarah Delaney)
This I Believe (Amy Littleson)
An Open Letter to Chewbacca (Ellie Halfacre)
Life is Like…A Road Trip (Emily Hayes)


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