A New Prom at RFH

by Samantha Nasti


Dresses, corsages, tuxedos, pictures, limousines.  What else could these words relate to except prom?  At RFH, one of the most exciting moments of spring for juniors and seniors alike is the prom.  During the spring season, conversation gravitates around it; however, this year the conversation is going a bit differently.

There is much confusion among the student body this year concerning prom.  To clear up these rumors (my favorite involving seniors not having a prom–NOT TRUE), I have some information for you.

The Cornucopia Princess circling the Statue of Liberty

First of all, this year the juniors and seniors will each have their own prom.  The Junior Prom will take place at the Ocean Place (its usual location) on May 21.  The Senior Prom will take place on the Cornucopia Princess, a mini cruise ship, the following weekend, May 27.  It will board in Atlantic Highlands and sail to New York City and back.

Changes were made this year for a variety of reasons.  Among these were an increase in costs, the quality of food, and inconveniences associated with a combined prom.  Mr. Lanzalotto, RFH Vice Principal, stated that “a combined prom leaves very few options.  We’re sort of stuck at the same location every year.”

Other changes are also going into effect based upon small numbers in the attendance at each location.  Mr. Lanzalotto assured the option for a Junior Post-Prom, but stated that it would be a “bit downscaled.  There will still be prizes, games, food, etc,.”

The PTSA is currently undecided regarding a Senior Post Prom, as very few seniors have attended in the last five or six years.

Let me put a few other rumors to rest.  People are still able to bring dates from other schools to both proms, and attire is relatively the same.  Some minor changes have been made to the senior prom regarding attire, and has been described as “cruise formal.”  However, there is no real dress code for either dance.  This year’s prom committee is also attempting to do away with table assignments, as in the past it has been the source of problems surrounding the dance.

This year is experimental, and no changes are final.  A split prom does require students to pay a larger fee for admittance, as they may choose to attend both proms.   “It has been a difficult transition,” said Mr. Lanzalotto.

Although much confusion has arisen from these changes, the RFH student body seems very eager to try out the school’s new arrangements.  Hope to see you there!


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