Celebrity Jailhouse Blues

by Susanne Siebel


Rapper Lil Wayne

Most recently in the music industry, rap superstar Lil Wayne was convicted of illegal gun possession while on his tour bus in 2007. After two delays in his sentencing, Wayne will spend a year (eight months if he behaves well) in New York’s Riker Island prison.

He has been one of many celebrities being sentenced to jail time. Although Wayne’s sentence is longer than most celebrities, the majority of A-list stars never really get what they deserve.

Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Khloe Kardashian, and countless others have been sent to jail for crimes such as drunk driving. Drinking and driving is considered to be very dangerous, and usually the penalty is severe. Most people would be fined, serve jail time, do community service and get their license revoked.

Hilton's mug shot following her arrest

In these examples of reckless behavior, the main stage gets these stars out of trouble. Paris Hilton spent three out of forty-five days in jail. She was allowed to spend the rest of her sentence under house arrest.

The public knows that these celebrities can get out of almost any trouble they fall into. In reality, it is not fair. Just because people know who they are does not give them the right to act recklessly. They need to know that consequences exist for their actions.

Sentencing such as Lil Wayne’s brings perspective back to the entertainment industry. He is taking responsibility for his actions and is not trying to get out of it. Wayne is going to grow from his mistakes and be a better entertainer because of it.


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