Equality: An Opportunity for Individuality

by Samantha Nasti


Diversity is special. Obviously, it is unavoidable because of the way the population “works,” but it is often underrated and under-appreciated.

First, before I begin, let me stress to you that equality is not the same as a lack of diversity. A lack of diversity would indicate that everyone looked the same, thought alike, and did the uniform things. In this kind of atmosphere, imagine how different our lives would be; I doubt that any of us would benefit from such a world. If we all thought alike, imagination would not exist, and no one would be unique or have an independent thought.

So how do we celebrate the potential for diversity while making sure that we as a society have the opportunity to maintain our own senses of individuality?  We accept. We recognize different cultures, different ways of life, different environments; and we accept the fact that those people living their different ways should be entitled to do so. After all, different opportunities for lifestyles contribute to the individuality that determines our identities.  And in order to preserve our ability to be an individual, we need to stress the necessity for equal opportunities for all people.

Sometimes it is difficult for me to observe certain situations and actions in today’s world and understand why someone could not just let another person “be” who they wished to be. Regardless of social climate, every person who roams through the public eye is exposed to expressions of hate and judgment. Although unavoidable, individuality may be strongly discouraged because of preconceived notions and negative connotations.  These, in turn, can alter a person’s confidence and motivation to accomplish his or her dreams.

And isn’t that what people came here for? Isn’t that what they continue to come here for?  Don’t people come for the ability to accomplish their grandest aspirations?

People are born different. It’s a fact of which we are all aware.  The assumption that everyone can make changes to any aspect of their lifestyle is definitely false.  Some decisions people make are alterable, but people are born into their heritages, races, genders, sexualities, etc., and should not be shunned or expected to somehow change the factors that contribute to their personal identities.

Yet, some people think there is one type of persona that is “correct.”  Those people are in for a rude awakening.  The power of individuality is slowly overcoming the close-minded conformists.  Women have the same ability to think and “do” as men do, homosexuals don’t have to change your definition of “marriage”… just let them create their definition of marriage. People deserve the same opportunities regardless of their physical and mental qualities.

Nobody is the same.


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