Runway to a Remedy

by Torri Singer


Truth be told, Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School has not always been celebrated for its concentration on the arts. Our school instead is noted for our fearsome athletic teams and impressive academic curricula. However, RFH fosters some highly talented artistic students, and the National Art Society certainly does its part to spread the visions of these fresh, creative minds and their respected works.

Most recently and up-and-coming is the hard work and dedication of a particular student. His name is Stephen Biga, and he is a senior at RFH. Graduating this June, he plans to pursue a career in his dream in the peculiar yet beautiful world of fashion.

Over the past year, Biga has been working diligently to organize a “walking art” fashion show, and his determination has finally paid off–this May he will host a fashion show which has literally come to life in the past few months. The show, which he has cleverly entitled “Runway to a Remedy,” will take place on Sunday May 23rd from 5 to 7:30 pm.  All proceeds will go to the Jacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center at Monmouth Medical.

All proceeds benefit the Jacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center

Biga has combined his artistic passion with his desire to create a charitable environment that can give back to the community. Additionally, all students will have the opportunity to act as contributing participants. He has asked student artists to  submit pieces into the show to be featured on the runway. Participants do not need a background in clothing construction whatsoever; the only requirements are a creative mind and determination to complete a product. The rest will speak for itself at the show.

The idea behind what has been entitled a “walking art” fashion show is this: rather than an ordinary fashion show where models walk down a runway wearing designers’ latest creations, the clothing featured will “transform” the models into literal pieces of art. The materials Biga suggests are a bit unconventional and include: newspaper, recycled cans, tape, organic materials, metal, etc. Jewelry from jewelry making class and other accessories are also permitted. Improvision is encouraged, as art itself is the result of the constant improvising of materials and subjects in order to create something unique.

The most exciting aspect of this show may very well be that it is an entirely student-run function. Biga compiled a committee of students to assist him with the lengthy list of tasks needed to transfer his idea from paper to reality. The National Art Society is sponsoring of the show, as well as numerous other local businesses. This event has caused great excitement among the community, and continues to gain recognition. Full press coverage is expected.

While the show is still a month away, tickets and space are limited.  Admission is $15 per person. To pre-order & reserve tickets, make your checks payable to RFH NAHS , and send them to: Runway to a Remedy c/o Stephen Biga 29 Highland Avenue Fair Haven, NJ 07704. The event will be held at Chapel at Fort Hancock in Sandy Hook.  Please be prompt; there is a limited capacity and purchasing tickets in advanced is highly suggested. Additionally, If you are interested in contributing a piece, or learning more information on the event, do not hesitate to contact  Include your full name and point of interest. Biga stresses that if a participant commits to submission, that commitment needs to be honored in order to secure a design spot.

There is still time to become an active member of this show, or to grab your ticket!

Whether or not you or a loved one has personally been touched by breast cancer, this event will surely help to improve the lives of women in our community and spread information about detection and treatment of this cancer.  It is a creative representation that students can all be proud of.

And Now, a Few More Words from Stephen Biga:

Tower Review: What inspired you to create this fashion show to benefit developing research for breast cancer?
Stephen Biga: I think that fashion is something that all women can relate to, simply by nature. That being said, it made sense for me to choose something that affects many women, and consequently, has affected many women that are close to my heart. But, at the end of the day, it’s strong women coming out to support fellow women, and to do it at a venue where they can allthewhile appreciate certain art and its beauty. Beauty’s rampant!
TR: Do you believe the show will encourage women to become more active in their health and raise awareness?
SB: I hope so. I mean, I think it definitely should. The reason Runway to a Remedy was established was to unite and promote self-awareness and wellness with regards to breast health. There will be informational materials available at the show, so I would venture to say that you would get out of it what you wish.
TR: Why have you chosen to feature works of students/local talent?
SB:I think that local talent is so important. Without knowing what kind of talents and abilities you’re surrounded by in a town, or school setting, you have no idea what kind of people you’re living amongst. I think it’s vital to know what kind of people you’re around, and what they can bring to the table.
TR: What will you be creating for the show?
SB: I’m creating a 7-piece collection entitled “all torn up”. The premise of the collection is to challenge the rigidity and austerity of fine tailoring. I was inspired by the concept that clothing and style is an art-form, and a truly stylistically-inclined person looks like art in their clothing. I wanted to kind of scrap the whole “this seam goes HERE, and that seam goes THERE” and turn traditional fashion on it’s head. Spoiler alert: there’s going to be a LOT of shredded silk chiffon, so beware. Some of the looks are really out-there, and certainly would never been seen sauntering down the hallways of RFH, but I’m having a lot of fun with it, and I think people will enjoy it.
TR: Are you expecting attention from the media to further publicize this event?
SB: Yes. We’re sending out press releases to all the local publications, and even some bigger, metropolitan-based ones. Media coverage isn’t guaranteed of course, but I have a good feeling we’ll have a bunch of local companies on the scene, for sure.
TR: How many student participants (designers, models, volunteers etc) are currently involved with this project?
SB:We have around 10 people on the core committee organizing the event. Key Club is also going to help out the day of the show. All of the models are provided for by the designers, so it depends on the number of looks. Designers, hmm, I would venture to say 20 or 25. I’m trying to keep track but every other day I discover new people making things for the show. It’s kind of funny because I bet there’s 25 more people making things that I have no idea about.
TR: What types of designs can we expect to be featured?
SB: For the main “Walking Art” show you can expect a lot of unconventional pieces. Recycled materials etc. Rumor has it there’s dresses made of garbage bags, and suits made of duct-tape. It’s going to be really amazing.
TR:  Is there anything especially unique you would like to tell a reader right now to pursuade them to come?
SB: I think this type of event is so unique,  and going to such a great cause that you wouldn’t want to miss it. I mean yeah, you can go to the lacrosse game or the softball practice, but at the end of the day, how many opportunities are you ever going to have to see a fashion show, let alone one that features clothes made of garbage bags and tape?

One Response to “Runway to a Remedy”

  1. Suzanne Biga Says:

    Torri, a great article! I’m sure the RTR Committee and the RFH National Art Honor Society appreciate your coverage of their event. It should be a lot of fun!
    One change in ordering tickets… Checks for $15 pp (payable to RFH NAHS) should be sent to: RFH, 74 Ridge Rd., Rumson, NJ 07760 Attn: Kristen Lanfrank/Runway to a Remedy. As space is limited, tickets must be ordered in advance. Families, relatives and friends are encouraged to attend.
    Post Chapel at Fort Hancock on Sandy Hook, which sits right on the bay, is a gorgeous venue for RTR!! There’s also ample free parking. A chance auction and light refreshments will follow the fashion show.
    The committee is currently seeking event sponsors, auction contributors and expense underwriters. If you are interested or have any general event questions, please call 732-345-9215 or email The event is also on Facebook.
    Thanks, again, Torri, for your wonderful coverage of Runway to a Remedy. Your help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated.
    Mrs. Biga 🙂

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