Skype: A New Way to Communicate!

by Jennifer Mitchell


The new interface program known as Skype has changed the way people around the world interact with one another over the Internet.

Skype logo

Skype is a program that can be downloaded to a person’s computer through Skype’s official website. The program uses your own Internet connection to establish its function. It allows users to utilize a voice interface that creates voice-to-voice communication, an instant messaging program,and newly-developed video-chat technology.

However, each of these ways to communicate have their own positives and negatives.

With the use of text chatting, such as instant messaging, people are able to send files. This way to chat is useful for users who do not have a microphone to talk via voice command, or a camera to have a video conversations. Text communication via Skype’s built-in instant messenger can also help limit distractions by ensuring that you are busy and can only communicate through typed words.  The positive of instant messaging through Skype is the ability to use group chatting, where three or more users can share one discussion box. The negatives of using this form often involve the inability to express emotion through expressions and tone of voice.

Using voice applications on Skype allows you to convey and get a more constructive depth of emotion.  Via spoken words, your conversation is more like like an everyday face-to-face interaction. This way you can have a much more personal connection with the person with whom you are communicating.

The voice feature of Skype allows conferencing, where a user can talk to one or more users at a time in a group chat.  This again allows others to hear and understand the tone of voice for all involved.  However, a negative for this mode is that the conversation is much more fast-paced, as it is in real time.  You can’t think of your response, but must converse more regularly. This could become a hazard when using voice chat since it’s a much more personal means of communication. If a conflict ensues, this can cause personal stress for users.  Often spoken words cause more of an emotional impact than words on a screen.

A Skype video conference

Video conferencing allows users to see each other, including all emotion, reaction, and nonverbal communication. You are able to see the other person in real time.  This greatly enhances the connection between users. However, video conferencing also has its own drawback.  The user can only establish one video chat at a time, and cannot group video conference.

In my personal experience with Skype, it is a great program if you want a more personal connection with others, as it offers a more intimate connection than texting or instant messaging.  In fact, many people find it useful for communicating with family or friends who live far away  or are on vacation.  Skype also has its own search feature where a user can search for a person via his or her own personal email or full name, so it will be convenient for users to search one another.

Skype has become a great technological advancement in the world of communication.  This program offers three different types of online communication all in one interface, and can benefit you in one way or another.


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