The Great Debate

by Stephanie Russo


Round 1- Chicken Cheddar Ranch Wrap Day vs. Chicken Finger Friday

Every student at RFH knows of the renowned Chicken Cheddar Wrap containing the delectable ingredients of chicken tenders, rice, cheddar cheese, and (of course) ranch dressing, engulfed by a fresh flour tortilla. The lunch ladies have dubbed it “the most profitable of all lunch foods served” at RFH. But can its ranch-tastic flavor hold up against the wonders that Chicken Finger Friday presents?

Chicken Finger Friday is not only delicious, but gives us a wide variety of chicken dishes. Of course we have the classic chicken tenders: nestled together in a basket, ready to be dipped in honey mustard, barbecue sauce, ketchup, or the rare and daring buffalo sauce. The alternative presents itself as a chicken sandwich: chicken tenders smothered in the best American cheese around and pressed together between two toasted buns. This version also allows various additions of condiments to enhance the flavor. Could this defeat the flavor of the Chicken Cheddar Ranch Wrap?


A deep love for chicken tenders is shared between both meals. But one proves to leave a soft spot for RFH students. The sundry Chicken Finger Friday is our winner!

Round 2- The Real World vs. Jersey Shore

One house, eight guests, an hour a week on MTV, and a whole mess of drama; I could only be talking about two shows: The Real World and Jersey Shore, one a legendary show, the other a new twist on an old favorite.

The old faithful in entertainment, The Real World focuses on eight new victims each season of different origins, races, religions, and sexual orientations meeting in (insert famous city here). The roommates learn about themselves and others, creating friendships and rivalries along the way. The show focuses on the concept of everyday people exposing themselves to exhibit the striking differences and similarities between people across the country. Not only is the audience able to see the lives of eight roommates, but to see their struggle to find a place in this world.

Jersey Shore has the exact same foci as The Real World, but gives a shallow and offensive representation of all Italians and New Jerseyans. The eight roomies proudly dub themselves “guidos” and “guidettes.” Each season a new cast comes in and lives at the notorious Jersey Shore. Instead of having different personalities and likes these members are all seen with  faux too-tanned skin, extensions, hair gel, “ripped bods,” and tattoos of the signature green, white, and red flag they wear with such pride.

Delightfully tacky...and super classy

Both shows are full of petty and addicting drama. Although offensive, both sets of roomies are unbelievably addicting to watch; giving viewers a warm fuzzy feeling of being classier and superior to them. Due to the new exposure of guidos and guidettes MTV’s Jersey Shore is the clear winner in this battle!  Fist pump!

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