What’s Up With That?! RFH Fashion Show

by Sophia Yonezuka


There are three different types of dressers in the world. Some people have the ability to simply roll out of bed and throw on the nearest piece of clothing next to them without a care in the world. Others take the time to plan their outfit, agonizing over make-up shades, accenting patterns, and accessories. Then there are those who dress according to their daily mood, running frantically in and out of their closet and throwing outfit after outfit onto the floor.  To make a long story short, their room usually looks like a whirlwind of designers has left some stragglers behind.

But in the end, does it matter how you go about choosing your outfit? After all, they’re just clothes, right?

I walk through the front entrance of RFH, half asleep and in a horrible mood because my outfit is not what I had imagined it would be. My jeans are too tight and my pale yellow shirt washes me out. I am the epitome of a fashion disaster.  As I walk closer to my locker, I notice the girl who looks picture perfect every day of her perfect life…and today, of course, is no exception.  She looks completely put together from head to toe, without a single flaw or faux pas.

As I walk to my first period class, I watch as a group of girls strut down the hallway like it’s a runway. Lights flash around them as they walk in an orderly line, their bodies moving in unison to some secret coveted beat, strong and upright. All heads turn as they walk past, heels clicking in song. Off to the side are two girls giving each other the stare down; realizing that they are wearing the same hideous pink patterned dress. It’s enough to ruin your day!

I have never seen so much variety of clothing in my life; I mean, are their wardrobes endless pits? I have not witnessed one bad outfit, let alone wearing any piece twice! As I walk into class I can already feel the eyes looking me up and down, checking out my not- so-cute look that I’m trying to rock today.

Although having a style is desired by many people, it is not always easy to achieve. You can have all of the clothes in the world. Even if equipped with the best brands, you can still be clueless as to how to put them together and make them your own.  And then after all that trouble, you come out looking like a walking advertisement! Just remember that when you are getting dressed for school because it really should not be a fashion show! Our school hallways are not exactly like the runways in Paris, or the red carpet at the big apple, so don’t kid yourself.  It’s just school!!

The key to establishing a style is by staying original and being yourself. Be true to who you are and dress in a way that makes you feel happy and beautiful! Express yourself and your uniqueness!  Because in the end isn’t that what matters? If you rock a certain look, go with it!  Trends never last; stay classic so that you won’t be utterly embarrassed at yourself a few years from now. Just look at bellbottoms, perms, and poodle skirts!

Fashion comes and goes. But amongst the pressure to feel as though you fit in, don’t let that be you! Freshen up your wardrobe so you stay chic and stylish, all through those fabulous seasons! And don’t forget, no one can sparkle just like you!

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