3rd Edition Table of Contents


Here we are again, with another wonder edition of the Tower Review ready and waiting to be read!  A special thanks to this year’s staff members, teachers, and administrators.  We wish a fond farewell to the seniors and wish them the best of luck.  AND, of course, thanks to our loyal readers!  You rock!

Enjoy the summer, and happy reading!

-The Tower Review Staff, 2009-2010

Culture at Large
Graduation: A Poem (Torri Singer)
Senior Advice to Live By (Class of 2010)
The People of the Tower Review: 2009-2010 (Sarah Delaney)
Philosophy of Life (Class of 2010)
Facts and Hints for Safe Summer Fun (Susanne Siebel)
Summer Job Hunting for Loafers (Stephanie Russo)
Bored?  Some Things to Do Over the Summer… (Samantha Nasti)

Teacher of the Year: Mr. Galante (Ali Christ)
A Meeting with RFH’s College-Bound Athletes (MacKenzie Phillips)
Prom’s Initial Hitch Ends in Smooth Sailing (Ali Christ)
Stanley Cup Champs: The Chicago Blackhawks (Quinny McKean)
The Controversy Surrounding Kyleigh’s Law (Mark Pearsall)
Summer Events List (Emily Hayes)
2010 World Cup: Cape Town, South Africa (Dakota Sagnelli)
An Underground Journey: the Poseidon Undersea Resort (Amy Littleson)

RFH Summer Reading Reviews (Ellie Halfacre)
Can Blood Type Determine Personality? (Jennifer Mitchell)
Alice’s Return: Part 2 (Hillary Keating)
The Japan Channel: An Exploration (Jennifer Mitchell)

Fresh Air, and A Fresh Perspective (Amy Littleson)
Need Advice? (Samantha Nasti and Elizabeth Illiano)
Aged Beyond Their Years: A Look at Child Prodigies (Ellie Halfacre)
The Best Buddies Program: Lending a Helping Hand (Taylor Waresh)
Garbage: a New Alternative Energy? (Susanne Siebel)
December 21, 2012: An International Conspiracy (Dakota Sagnelli)
Movie Review:
Sex and the City 2 (MacKenzie Phillips)
Movie Review:
Kick-Ass, The Movie that Keeps its Promise (Stephanie Russo)
Book and Movie Review:
The Last Song (Sarah Delaney)
Concert Review: Taylor Swift (Hillary Keating)

The Final Word:
An Open Letter to the Teachers I See Outside of School (Sophia Yonezuka)
Breast Cancer Awareness (Torri Singer)
Words to Live By (Emily Hayes)
This I Believe: I Believe in Music (Sophia Yonezuka)
An Open Letter to the Cast of the Jersey Shore (Elizabeth Illiano)


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