An Underwater Journey: the Poseidon Undersea Resort

by Amy Littleson


the Fijian Islands

Tucked away in the Fijian Islands awaits an underwater world of luxury, surprise, and adventure. Opening for the first time this year, The Poseidon Undersea Resort is the world’s first hotel beneath the ocean’s surface.

To get to the Poseidon Mystery Island, located next to the underwater resort, guests first take an international flight that arrives daily in Fiji’s capital, Nadi. From the airport, Poseidon resort guests are flown to the resort by charter plane, or they can arrive to the island via private yacht. The resort’s harbor is able to accommodate any type of vessels 300 feet long or more.

Because of the anticipation of the hotel’s opening, the first 1000 guests to visit the Poseidon Underwater Resort will have their names permanently inscribed on two monuments: one placed on the island and the other on the Fiji lagoon floor.

A drawing of the underwater hotel

One week at the resort costs $15,000 per person and is based on double occupancy. For this amount of money, guests receive airfare along with 7 days and 6 nights of accommodations. Only two of the six nights will be spent underwater in the lagoon, while the remaining four days will be spent in a beach villa or one that is overwater on the island.

The unbelievable adventure will begin after check-in. Guests take an elevator ride 40 feet underwater to their room. The journey continues when they enter their suite where they are greeted by the display of tropical fish and colorful marine life swimming directly outside the room.

There are 24 underwater rooms available. The rooms resemble pods and are encased in clear acrylic to allow visibility.  Guests can view all of the surrounding marine activity and coral seascape. Each pod can be removed and brought to the surface for repairs and then reattached to the main pod structure.

An individual pod room

Each guest has a personal Triton submarine for exploring within the lagoon. For excursions to the lagoon’s depths, tours on a 16-passenger luxury submarine will be provided, if desired.

The resort’s underwater suites have spectacular views of marine life from almost all angles of the room. This underwater observatory is created by a 4-inch thick clear acrylic that serves as a wall for about 70 percent of the suite. Also, guests can interact with the fish in the lagoon by feeding them through a particular console located in each room.

Each resort room features a king-size bed, a sitting room and library, and a personal office with WiFi and high-speed Internet access. They also include flat screen TVs, CD/DVD players and refrigerators full of gourmet snacks and beverages. The suite includes a large jacuzzi tub and a hydro-spa shower, as well.

an intimate look at marine life

The interior of the resort is pressure-controlled to ensure guests are never exposed to the physiological effects of the pressure , such as popping ears and headaches.

The entire resort consists of six restaurants and seven bars, an underwater library, an underwater lounge, a theater area, and a conference room. There is even an underwater wedding chapel for those who wish to say ‘I do’ underwater.

For those who are not fond of going 40-feet underwater, the Poseidon Undersea Resort also has twenty-four over-water villas, and twenty-four beachfront bungalows.

other underwater options

The island is comprised of approximately 225 acres, stretches a mile long, and is surrounded by a 5000-acre lagoon with waters that reach 90 feet in depth. The island is situated within a coral atoll, which was chosen by the developers and creators for its crystal-clear waters and unspoiled tropical marine ecosystem.

Though still under construction, the room rates for the resort have been set. A standard 550 sq. foot suit is about $1500 a night. But you can reserve all of the Poseidon Mystery Island for $3,000,000!


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