Bored? Some Things to Do Over the Summer…

by Samantha Nasti


Just one more hour and I've reached the top ten...

We’ve all been there; it’s two weeks into summer break and you’re bored stiff.  The sun is out, the ocean blue, the sand hot, but you can’t pry the remote from your own fingers.  Reruns of various ’90s sitcoms ring in your ear, MTV has trapped you with their dry-humored comedians and I Love the ’80s 4-hour countdown.  No beach, pool, amusement park, or rendezvous with friends can save you, and you sink deeper and deeper into the doldrums of your living room couch.

However, fear not!  As always, the Tower Review is here to help.  Here is a list of helpful ways to put some wind back into your sails and return you to the adventure and excitement of summer!


Travel – Summer during high school is the prime time to explore a region you may never get the chance to see again. Go somewhere different while you have the opportunity, because later on in life, you may simply be too busy. Even if time is limited or transportation is difficult, go somewhere close! Try a new amusement park or go to the city–try a new restaurant or go hiking. Seeing new places is always a good way to kill time and enjoy it.

Concerts – Go see a favorite artist! A concert is a freeing and exciting experience that is perfect to take on during the summer. The hot sun beating on your face while basking in your favorite tunes… it couldn’t get any better. A hot spot within the area is the PNC Bank Arts Center, in which concerts are generally cheap and occur multiple times throughout the week all summer long. The Stone Pony in Asbury Park is also another great and cheap local spot, with performances by several bands of different genres.

Try something new – There’s no time like the present. Take advantage of your free time while you aren’t being bombarded with intense schoolwork and extracurricular responsibilities. Take up a new talent! You could try boxing classes, wakeboarding, singing and/or guitar at a coffee house… just try something you never have before; you never know you might be great at it!

Get a psychic reading – Whether you believe in fortune telling or not, hearing predictions about your future is always fun and interesting. There are various local spots in the area that anyone can show up to and have tarot cards read or other forms of psychic readings.  Hey, it can’t hurt to try it out!

Go thrifting – Check out a thrift store in the area, or hit up a community garage sale. Honestly, you never know what you’ll find. What’s better than a day filled with randomness and potential shopping “steals?”

Get a job – There are definitely going to be days where you do nothing but lay around watching television. Rather than wasting time, why not make some extra bucks this summer? It’s a great way to practice scheduling and prioritizing, and allows to to start saving for something you really want to get in the future (I saved up for a car!). It also looks good on your resume, too!

Begin a new routine – There’s always that one thing you really want to start doing… that never gets done.  Make it a priority this summer to accomplish a goal you’ve wanted to for a while. If your goal was to begin a fitness routine, start running every day. Start walking your dog. Begin a new healthy habit that you’ve been thinking about for a while.

Have a BBQ – Fun in the sun in someone’s backyard with classic grilled food is always enjoyable. If you have nothing to do, call a few friends over and jump in the pool or play some music and hang out. BBQs could never be a bad option.

Learn to cook  – Well… it’s what I need to start doing!

Whatever it is you choose to do this summer, enjoy it; September will be here again for we know it!


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