December 21, 2012: An International Conspiracy

by Dakota Sagnelli


As I sit here alone in the back of house late at night, all I can wonder is how long I have left to live. After watching the blockbuster film, 2012, and scanning the internet, I have come to believe that the world is not due to end on December 21, 2012, as many believe.  Although the movie claims that the entire world will experience floods and volcanic eruptions that will ultimately kill nearly every person on the planet, research seems to prove just the opposite.

Poster for the 2009 film, '2012'

Many researchers and environmentalists believe that the end of the Mayan calendar will bring total destruction to all of mankind. Internet sources claim that major catastrophes and cataclysms will completely wipe out the Earth, leaving all that inhabit it lifeless. From hours of research, I have finally realized that our lives will not end on December 21, 2012; rather,this entire 2012 nonsense is all an internet hoax.

The most common reason for believing that the world will end in 2012 is that the Mayan calendar is set to end at the start of the winter solstice (December 21, 2012). The Mayan calendar is so often referenced mainly because the culture was incredibly advanced in mathematics, the sciences, and engineering. They so often correctly predicted dates of major events, demonstrating an unbelievable comprehension of time and space.

However, this is where the superstition comes in.  The Mayan calendar, known as the “Great Count” and is 5,125 years long, is set to end on December 21, 2012. However, when the 5,125 years was up in the past, nothing happened; no cataclysms or catastrophes, but instead a regular day. On the other hand, 2012 is not just end to the 5,125 year long calendar; it also is the termination of the 26,000-year-long countdown, presumably bringing death to all as it ends. There is no way of knowing whether the end of the Mayan calendar will bring the “Apocalypse” with it. Time is the only real way of knowing what will occur.

A destructive scene from '2012'

Disregarding the Mayan calendar prophecy, websites and internet sources also claim that there are going to be many astronomical and environmental changes,  altering the world as we know it. Some people say that the planets will align, causing erratic weather events. Others insist that the Earth will align with the center of the galaxy, which will cause the planet to plummet. However, every December the Earth aligns with the galactic center, but as anyone can tell, we are all still alive…

The most bizarre prediction and myth associated with 2012 is that the magnetic poles of the Sun are going to flip, causing the biggest and most dangerous solar flares ever recorded; potentially burning a hole straight through the crust of the Earth. I guess these ‘scientists’ did not do their research and see that the magnetic poles of the sun actually do shift every eleven years or so, and every time it has no effect of the Earth or its inhabitants.

More destruction via '2012'

The most credible (yet still ridiculous) theory  is the possibly that Earth is set to collide with a planet known as Nibiru. The story goes that Nibiru approaches the Earth every 3600 years, supposedly last observed by the Sumerian nation. Nearly everyone wrote off  this myth until the mid 1980’s when an astronomical experiment found nearly 400,000 unidentified “things” within the night sky. Once the word about the unidentified objects got out, people claimed that one of the 400,000 objects was the planet Nibiru.

However, the government released a statement stating that the objects found were merely rocks and comets, an that none of them were anything closely related to Nibiru. On the other hand, conspiracy theorists continue to argue that the government is withholding data from everyone. However, if they were to lie to the entire world, they would have to get thousands of astronomers and scientists to keep the secret about Nibiru. There is no clear evidence supporting the existence of Nibiru, or that anyone has ever really seen it. With all of the expensive technology and advanced computers that NASA owns, if anything were to even come within thousands of miles of the Earth, I would bet my house on the fact that all the scientists would know about it.

I do not believe in the controversy surrounding 2012 mainly because so many Apocalypse theories have existed before, and will continue to throughout the future. On March 10, 1982, John Gribbin and Stephen Plagemann claimed that the entire night sky would fall, plummeting to the Earth’s surface killing anyone that stood in the way. Another related event occurred in 1987 when Arguelles, an internationally known astronomer, predicted that on August 16 and 17th of that year, the world would end one way another, with either nuclear attacks or worldwide catastrophes. However, the day passed as any other day with just a few radical conspiracy theorists running around screaming, “the end is near.”  Although both of these sound absurd and absolutely unrealistic, they held as much credibly as the “2012 conspiracy” does now, both seeming absolutely ridiculous.

Although there are millions of people backing the “end of the world campaign” in 2012, I am still one that does not believe in what they claim is to come. Until December 21, 2012, arrives, it is truly anyone’s guess. But for now, the chance of it truly happening is … “astronomical.”


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One Response to “December 21, 2012: An International Conspiracy”

  1. Desiree Says:

    I want to know why an end to a calendar means anything and why it is being hyped? Who could it favor if a catastrophe did happen? I beleive a man-made orchestrated catastrophe could happen on that date. And everyone will say “look its true!” and seek an evil individual for help. But it will have been planned all along. Look at when the Spanish conquistadors subdued all the natives in the new world. They learned the beliefs and prophecies of the locals and made them come true and exploited them. There are an elect few that see us as plebes to be subdued, new conquistadors if you will. Google is joining the NSA, if what I am saying is true it will be hard to get any search results on 2012 that do anything but hype a global catastrophe. Even though its not widely believed it is at least in our collective psyche as a strange theory, and if something were to happen it would naturally turn us into believers.

    There is an election that year (coincidence?) and a new big bad zodiac sign around that time as well.

    Because logically what do you do when any calendar ends? You get a new one. That is all. Falsley hyping it up would be an evil thing to do. Look at those people.

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