Graduation: A Poem

by Torri Singer


The End of it All

Here we are at the end of it all.
In the ocean that shrank into a pond.
Where we outgrew our insecurities
and became who we are.
Here we are with knowledge in our hands.

With our freshman fears behind us
yet ahead at the same time.
With our gym classes
Our familiar Thanksgiving feasts,
our locker combinations,

in the past.
We have walked the turf,
survived the prom,
had our crushes and our firsts.
We have cried and laughed,

judged and been judged,
and grown up through the pain
that only teenagers know.
Our spots in the stands will be replaced,
our yearbooks will collect dust.

But the time we stood in the pouring rain,
banging pots and pans for the football team,
and sharing our loss with our heads held high,
that we’ll remember.
So will the longing to discover

a way into the clock tower
which we convince ourselves
must be either haunted or enchanted.
There is the stage that has hosted plays, bands
and assemblies where some listened,

some texted,
some slept or applauded,
where we will stand and smile and graduate
and become “real people”
if it rains.

There is the field
that some have walked on
while others looked on
but we’ll all stand together
one team, for a day.

Congratulations, Class of 2010!

Our alliances and rivalries forgotten,
faded into the static of change.
We have all learned more than
Chemistry and calculus-
we have learned friendship,

sincerity, betrayal
and maturity.
How much has changed in four years?
This was our youth, these were
“the good old days”

or so we’re told.
At the threshold
of the rest of our lives
of stories untold
and journeys untaken.

Here we are now, at the beginning of it all.


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