Prom’s Initial Hitch Ends in Smooth Sailing

by Ali Christ


The sails were set for the Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School Senior Prom, and away the boat sailed into the sunset where everyone was excited to enjoy a fun-filled night…

This is what everyone would have wished to have happened: a warm, sunny day with clear skies and calm waters.  However, Mother Nature isn’t always so kind.  This year’s prom night was instead filled with dark clouds and rain showers…

The Cornucopia Princess

As scheduled, everyone arrived at the dock before 7:30 ready to go; however the boat itself was apparently not. As the seniors stood on a very narrow (and rather unstable) dock in front of the Cornucopia Princess and below ominous rain clouds, the boat’s staff was hesitant to open the boat. As clouds gathered and lightening flashed in the not-so-distant skyline, the entire senior class stood, all dressed up, hair and nails done, polished to perfection.  Humidity hovered in the air, threatening to undo it all.  Then, disaster struck and the rain finally fell.

At first a light drizzle, the rain gathered steady momentum, falling harder and harder. The seniors began to demand entry onto the boat in fear for hair and attire. The sky grew dark and eerie as the waves rocked the boat from side to side.

While the seniors stood waiting and frantically searching for items to hide under, the ship’s crew thought it would be fun to video tape everyone grouchy and moody on the dock–for posterity or for memories, I can’t be sure. This one I’m sure will never be forgotten. As they stood on the ship, looking down upon the class, they smiled and waved as the video tape captured everyone’s miserable expressions.

Finally, as the rain grew heavier, the crew decided to let everyone onto the boat, but only after admitting our fearless leaders, the administration and chaperones. Mr. Lanzalatto, Mrs. Handerhan, Mrs. Maulshagen, Mrs. Maglione, Ms. Hastings, Mr. Batchler, Ms. Camp, and Ms. Howard were among several others who remained dry for the evening.  Mr. Alworth made a grand appearance early in the evening, helping to escort the young squires onto the ship, but vanished quickly afterwards (maybe he swam ashore?). The other teachers stood by the entrance, greeting the seniors, looking for suspicious behavior, and grinning like hungry hyenas at their prey.

The first floor of the Cornucopia Princess

Lovely band music filled the air from the first level as the seniors searched for seats. Despite an initial frenzy, everyone found a cozy place to settle for the evening among the ship’s three levels.  The first floor opened into a centrally located dance floor, the second opened to reveal the first floor, and the third floor, separate, had its own bar, DJ, and dance floor.  As promised, the boat did set sail and prom night finally began.

The inside was hot and muggy and filled with people’s warmth, while the outside of the boat was cold and stormy with lightning that danced across the sky. No problem, though, thanks to the DJ on the third floor who got everyone into a partying mood. Waiters and waitresses quickly swarmed the boat, offering many appetizers to refuel everyone’s ravenous hunger.

The night continued on with music, laughing, dancing, swaying, eating and other graduation levity.  Eventually, the evening’s prom court was called to the first floor for the 2010 prom king and queen. Almost everyone rushed down to witness this big event. As the nominees were announced, the crowd roared and cheered as loud as humanly possible. Stephen Biga and Paige Alderoty were crowned king and queen and the seniors cheered with approval.

With people dancing hardcore on the third floor, stuffing their faces on the first, teachers on the prowl, table dancing, and people enjoying the scenery on the top deck, this night truly summarized the class of 2010’s legacy at RFH.


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