Senior Advice to Live By

by the Class of 2010


When Mrs. Fallon asked her seniors to provide some advice for their fellow underclassmen, the class of 2010 responded with the following:

    1. “If you do anything for long enough, you will get caught.” (Duff)
    2. “Be weird.  Life is boring in the eyes of a normal person.” (Justin DeBernardis)
    3. “If you plan on graduating senior year, work really, really hard the first three years.  Because if you don’t, senior year is really gonna kill you.  But if you work hard for the first three, you’ll fly through senior year.” (Carl vonPier)

    4. “You have to eat at least one ranch chicken cheddar wrap in the four years you are here.  Also, don’t let Lanzalotto intimidate you.  He really is a fair person.  If you just admit what you did and be honest, it will work out in your favor.  Most of all just have fun. Four years go fast. “(Anonymous)

    5. “If I could say one thing to underclassmen, it would be don’t take yourself so seriously.  It’s high school and nothing is the end of the world.  There is an entire life outside of RFH and you will be there soon enough.” (Kelley Pringle)

    6. “Enjoy your time at RFH, you’ll never get these days back.” (Brooke Hopkins)

    7. “Don’t take your time.  It will come back to you.  Get a head start to get ahead overall. Don’t take sports for granted.  The four years start slowly and the best year ends quickly. Realize when high school ends, a lot of your friends disappear.  Enjoy your time with them.  School is fun if you make it fun.  So, like it for what it is and make it fit for you.” (Ryan Maloney)

    8. “Don’t be afraid to get involved in everything you want to be part of; clubs classes, sports.  In four years you don’t want to regret what you didn’t do.” (Nina Lucey)

    9. “Trust your instincts, write everything down, and don’t waste your time counting the days until summer.” (Morgan Strouse)

    10.  “Work as hard as you can early in the year so the rest of the year is less stressful.” (Tucker Smith)

    11.  “You may find yourself really debating your next step and if you take too long, you may miss the opportunity.  Sometimes, it’s better to just step rather than miss out and watch as the world grows and continues to move around you.  Don’t block the hallways because people aren’t afraid to push you out of the way.” (Jasmine Rountree)

    12.  “Show respect, and don’t waste your time doing something if you’re not enjoying yourself.” (Blake Mahon)

    13.  “If you’re rushing to school, be sure not to park in front of someone’s driveway.  A detention is much easier to explain than a $54 parking ticket.” (Stephanie Russo)

    14.  “Don’t slack off.  Believe it or not, all our hard work pays off in the end.  It’s all worth it.” (Ann Conklin)

    15.  “Always keep balance in your life, with balance you will experience all that you want out of life and feel a sense of accomplishment.” (Colleen Patterson)

    16.  “Live your life one day at a time…and come to school on time…” (Brielle O’Brien)

    17.  “Make the most out of your senior year…have fun and let go of any stress you have. These are pretty much the last days you will see your classmates and friends on a daily basis, so have fun with them.  Don’t let academics completely slip out of your grasp, but if you got into college, you deserve to relax a little and enjoy the last year here.” (Trey Potter)

    18.  “Don’t take it too seriously. Have fun, but always do your homework.” (Leland Kohere)

    19.  “The biggest advice I would give an incoming freshman is to get involved in clubs.  I heard that so many times and still didn’t join any clubs freshman year.  When it is time to fill out college apps the blank space for 9th grade activities will stand out, so get involved in a club/activity that interests you.” (Lauren Rees)

    20.  “Don’t rush through high school, and never be afraid to be yourself.” (Lucia Orejarena)


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