Stanley Cup Champs: the Chicago Blackhawks

by Quinny McKean


The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in an exciting six game series against the Philadelphia Flyers.  The cup was clinched in Philadelphia after a game, series, and cup winning shot by Chicago’s young star Patrick Kane in overtime.  Philadelphia scrambled to tie the game at 3 late in the third by Scott Hartnell. The tying goal would be the last for the Flyers this season after losing game six 4-3.

Seabrook and Campbell celebrate

Chicago took both games at home, winning the first 6-5 and the second 2-1.  The Flyers rallied right back, though, capturing their two home games, starting with a 4-3 overtime victory through a game-winning goal by Claude Giroux.  The second home game for the Flyers resulted in a 5-3 victory with multiple goals by Flyers’ offensemen, Leino and Carle.

The series went back to Chicago for game five, and the Hawks took the lead again with a 7-4 win to make the series 3-2.  Chicago’s Byfuglien tallied two goals and two assists for an impressive four point night.  The sixth game, back in Philly, was the deciding matchup. Kane capped off the series with a sharp angled overtime goal 4 minutes and 6 seconds into the period.

Blackhawks' Patrick Kane

The Hawks and the Flyers put together an exhilarating series, and hockey fans should expect these two teams to maintain their prowess into next season.  Blackhawks captain Jonathon Toews won the most valuable player for the series, and hoisted the cup with a great scream of success.  Marian Hossa clinched his first Stanley Cup, finally being on the winning side after losing in the finals to his former team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, while playing on the Detroit Red Wings last season.  The Blackhawks won their first Stanley Cup in over 60 years, and have made a name for themselves throughout the league.  They are definite contenders for next year’s Cup.


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