Summer Job Hunting for Loafers

by Stephanie Russo

Find a job today!


Counting down the last days of school creates much anxiety for everyone, but one concern that really puts us on edge is summer job hunting. Whether you’ve waited until the last moment or have been searching for months, you know the difficulties that one faces while on the prowl. Here are some tips to help you begin or to give your search a fresh start…

Read the Newspaper

Although it may seem old-fashioned, there is always a posting geared toward desperate high schoolers to paint houses or become a podiatrist’s secretary. Look for these “Help Wanted” listings in the classified section next to the blue 1992 Kia Sportage on sale for five grand.

Look for “Openings”

Keep your eyes peeled for any new restaurants, salons, or shops opening in town. Their owners are desperate for new workers to help develop their business. However, one potential risk that comes with an “Opening” is the ominous first-week-firing. When a new business first puts out their “Help Wanted” they purposely over-staff to weed out anyone that proves to be unfit. If you’re given an opportunity to work with an “Opening” be sure to work your best to impress the boss.

Talk to Mom

She may only seem useful for cleaning your dirty track socks and spandex, but Mom has other powers aside from stain-fighting. If your mom is social around town, part of the PTA, or attends your Jazz Band performances, it’s more than likely that she knows a few local business owners. Ask her for their names and give them a call or pay them a visit. Introduce yourself as her child and express your interest in a job. Sometimes name-dropping can be an advantage.

Look in a New Area

I’m sure everyone at RFH has applied for jobs at Sea Bright Pizza and Crazees, but the likelihood of getting a job at these hot-spots is very low because of their popularity. Sometimes you’ve got to put yourself in an unpopular place to find success. Sure, the job may seem like a waste of time, but being able to say that you were a janitor at an old folk’s home for five months over the summer sounds a lot better than having no job experience at all.

Check Out Craigslist

If you’ve found no success in any of the tips listed above, Craigslist should be your very last resort. This site can help you find an occupation at local places all over Monmouth County. Craigslist is extremely easy to use, but can also house a scamming threat. Many people will post their “Help Wanted” ad and ask for a deposit or your social security number online as a way to “secure your spot” or “review your records” before hiring you. If anyone asks online for personal information like this, DO NOT supply it. These people are hoping to get your information to use for their own benefit. If you want to use Craigslist, call the business or take a quick visit (with a friend in tow) once you find it online in order to verify its reliability.

Good luck with the job hunt–it’s a jungle out there, but you can do it!


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