Teacher of the Year: Mr. Galante

by Ali Christ


The Teacher of the Year Award nominates a teacher based on his or her outstanding and unparalleled performances in educating and encouraging students. For the 2009-2010 school year, history teacher Mr. Galante was awarded this title.

Mr. Galante has taught at RFH for seven years. He also taught across the street at Forrestale for fifteen years. His hobbies include running, boating, and fishing.  However, his favorite is teaching.

Galante holds his students spellbound

Mr. Galante teaches SUPA History, Law, and History 1 Honors. He even speaks French and is extremely gifted with the harmonica. He challenges his students, but at the same teaches them in a way that is both fun and interesting. His dynamic nature and creative activities make his classroom and history come alive, and gives each student the opportunity to see history from various perspectives and roles.  Mr. Galante is dedicated to his job and to his students. He uses every second he has for each class to provide them with knowledge and insight of the subject.

Mr. Galante is not only focused on helping students in school, but outside of school as well. He wants his students to take his lessons and apply them to the real world. Mr. Galante has put a lot of time out of his own schedule to meet with his students to help them, which seems perfect because all of his students LOVE to be around him.

For example, Mr. Galante is notorious for rocking out with his students and playing music after school. He has played with students like Patrick Hill and Adam Black. His love for music has also been beneficial by teaching students the essentials for music.

His passion for music started out with Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, basically all of the great classics. One significant person in his life was his old neighbor, Joe Castle. Joe was a very talented harmonica player who immediately transformed Mr. Galante’s life. He introduced Mr. Galante to the blues of music. Unfortunately, Joe recently passed away. However, his music still lives within Mr. Galante’s heart. He promises to continue playing until he and Joe meet again in another life.

Mr. Galante also mentioned his special bond with his wife, Linda. He and Linda are very close and very alike. He and his wife, Linda, are working on their own novel that he hopes to finish this summer. He is very excited to finish and hopes to publish all of his hard work.

Mr. Galante is truly a fascinating man that has seen a lot of things in the world. He has a keen eye to his ethics not only just for school, but for the outside world. He has a great amount of experience as an educator and this reflects upon his students. He is very charismatic and a burst of energy. Every day is a new day to help expand his student’s minds.

Mr. Galante is without a doubt a very respectable man. You can see that in his work ethics, his goals in life, and even just holding a conversation with him. I’ve never spoken to a more dedicated worker who truly enjoys his job. As an eloquent speaker, he holds great moral values that should be shared with every student. It would be in everyone’s best interest to meet Mr. Galante because of his abundance to knowledge and his inspiring accomplishments.

Congratulations, Mr. Galante!  You deserve it!


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