The People of the Tower Review: 2009-2010

by Sarah Delaney


Throughout the year, all of the members of the Tower Review have had the chance to identify themselves as a specific part of our period 7 “class community.” Although this piece may be more for benefit and enjoyment of the members of the Tower Review, I believe it’s important that we leave behind our identity as the original creators on the Tower Review database.

Let’s start with Steph. It seems natural to begin with her because she’s always the one who helps initiate conversation, and come up with ideas when all of us were stuck…and completely silent. Personally, when I look back at this class, I will always remember Steph as a leader. I honestly believe the paper would not be the same without her efforts.

Ellie: the freshman genius. I’m not kidding; she’s one of the smartest and most motivated people I know. She actually volunteered to read three books (in addition to her school work) in order to write a review about summer reading. Need I say any more?

Taylor wasn’t loud or crazy, but her articles were opinionated and passionate. I especially liked her self-image piece, which rightfully earned great responses from our readers.

Cats. With this one word, our whole class knows who I’m talking about: Ali. Even Miss Howard has to admit, “You are a very strange girl,” but by ‘strange’ she means lovable and hilarious. Ali always makes the class burst into laughter, including myself. I often find it hard to contain myself when she cracks a sarcastic joke, or when she talks about her hypothetical trips to Narnia through the closet in the back of our classroom.


Sophia. She’s known for her soft and soothing tone and her wisdom that reaches beyond her years. Often during free times in class, you’ll find her and me giggling about something that would make no sense to anyone else.

Sam and Liz: the dynamic duo. Whether seating arrangements changed or not, they were always together. Like Sophia and I, they were often laughing about something, but these SUPA stars always impressed. Both of them are great writers and I know as they move on through college, we’ll see their names again in the world of journalism someday.

Jen, often quiet but full of personality, wrote many research pieces that delved into topics you wouldn’t initially think of and interviewed people you wouldn’t instantly recognize. She was our “undercover” reporter.

Torri. All of her writing is fun to read and her kind yet funny and honest personality always shone through her words. Her sarcastic pet peeves column became her staple this year, and it gained several loyal readers, racking up some of the most comments we received on the website.

Hillary was someone I didn’t know well at all in the beginning of the year, but through this class, I’ve learned some things about who she is. She LOVES Taylor Swift and Honor Society (the band), and looks down on ‘Twi-Haters.’ She is a great fan fiction writer, and I always looked forward to reading what happens next in her Alice in Wonderland spin-off story.

Sports Writers

Quinny and Mark weren’t always the loudest in the class, but they were our much-needed sports reporters. They made up for the lack of male synergy in the class by publishing pieces that would also attract our less feminine audience members.

Dakota: the master of lists. He morphed your average list into something informative and interesting. He followed upcoming concerts, award shows, and made a bucket list for the adventurer. Most were in a list format, but none left you unsatisfied or bored like the average list can.

I’m really happy that I got to work on a piece with MacKenzie this year. She’s nice, fun to talk with, and one of the most fashionable people I know. She often took on pieces about topics that weren’t easy, or required some research or interviewing.

Amy and Emily: They bounced ideas off of each other, and always had the most creative and interesting pieces. They look alike, they sound alike, and it’s not hard to tell, they are the best of friends.

Susanne. Sarcastic and funny, she and Ali made sure the class was always entertaining (unless of course Susanne didn’t have her coffee…haha). She wrote several informative pieces about issues I had little or no background knowledge of, so I learned a lot reading her articles.

Sarah.  At this point, the Tower Review steps in to talk about the author of her own piece!  Sarah is perhaps the ultimate creator and maintainer of our class community.  Always willing to give advice, take criticism, and offer suggestions, her sweet personality and even temperament helped this class and the paper to thrive!

Last, but farthest from the least, Miss Howard, of course. She was our ringleader, and made this newspaper happen. We all got to know her this year; funny, kind, and very tolerant, she led us to success. She even had a couple of “all-nighters” putting together our newspaper! There is no doubt; she is the master of WordPress. Thanks, Miss. Howard!


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