An RFH Top Dawg: Peter’s Passion

by Nick Cognata


Peter, a freshman at RFH, is pretty normal; he tries to get good grades, hangs out with friends, and spends time with his family. One thing that is not so normal about Peter, however, is his knowledge of and passion for football. And what is even more abnormal is why he possess them.

Peter got involved in football in second grade when he played flag football.  By the time he was twelve,  he started playing tackle. In middle school,  he started every single game for two consecutive seasons.  However, after a game on August 31st, 2010, his football career was altered for the rest of his life .

Peter was on the kick return team when an opponent tackled him and forced his left elbow to bend the wrong direction.  When Peter looked at his arm, he realized that it had done a complete 180-degree turn. He was immediately rushed off the field and brought to the nearest hospital, where doctors told him his elbow was fractured. He would need surgery and would be in physical therapy for several weeks.   They also told Peter that this kind of injury happens rarely, but when it does it is quite serious. In fact, it was so serious that Peter could never play another down of football again.

After his injury, Peter was devastated.  However, he loved football so much that he decided to learn everything he could about the NFL. And after a while, he did, in fact, seem to know it all.  He knew where starters went to college, what team had the best offense, defense, special teams, and coach, the most Super Bowl wins, and much, much more.

Peter often showcases his knowledge during sixth period lunch. He is challenged daily with numerous questions, and has not been stumped once.   Peter is respected by every football buff in the lunch room due to his great passion for the sport.

Peter hopes that this knowledge will one day help him earn a position as a NFL broadcaster or general manager of a football team. He says, “Because of my injury I cannot make a profession of playing on that field but, that doesn’t mean I can not make one being off it.”


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