Flash Fiction: Irony

by Brooke Wheaton


Flash fiction is a genre of creative writing that requires writers to compose short, succinct pieces that quickly grab their audience’s attention and pull them in through strong visual and emotional language.  They are often grouped around themes and ideas.  The following is a collection by Tower Review writer, Brooke Wheaton.  Each story is 55 words or less.


He remained in jail for two years.  Knowing he had a family waiting for him kept him going.
He wasn’t guilty. Framed by his own friends, he stole a car. The judge sided against him. But soon, he would be done paying for it.
Someone went to release him, finally. Only, he died that morning.

She liked Jared for a year. With casual conversation and eye contact she thought she could win him over.
However, waiting started to become overrated. It was over and she moved on.
Next year she met a different boy interested in her. Starting to go out, Jared started having conversations and eye contact with her.

She was always in a bad mood. Thinking negatively from the morning made her miserable.
A realization. She could be happy. Nothing unpleasant even happened to her.
“Today will be good,” she said, getting out of bed. She went to school and sported a smile. It didn’t last. She got bad grades and a broken leg.

“Mom, I’m going with my friends to Miami. It’s planned for next month.”
“No, we are taking a family trip.”
“You always ruin my life.”
He went on the family trip with a frown. He went to check if their flight would be on time. It wasn’t; it crashed down coming back from Miami.

She felt really tired. Trudging through school and track practice, she almost fell down.
She made sure she got home quickly to her homework. After finishing she finally got ready for bed.
Relieved, her head hit the pillow. She was excited to fall asleep and dream. Only she couldn’t sleep because she wasn’t tired anymore.

To read more flash fiction, check out The World’s Shortest Stories of Love and Death.  Happy reading!


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