Low Attendance at School Dances: Why?

by Peter Lyden


The 2010 Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School Homecoming Dance went on without a hitch this year, following the night of the football victory over Holmdel High School.   The theme of the dance was the Jersey Shore, based upon the popular MTV series of the same name.   Decorations transformed the gym into the boardwalk and beach, giving the night a summery, carefree feel.  The DJ was lively and offered a wide variety of music to choose from.  There were also numerous activities in the cafeteria, such as a bean bag and frisbee toss, henna tattoos, and bracelet making. There was also a raffle for two gift baskets, including a 3-month membership to the Atlantic Club Fitness Center in Red Bank and Manasquan.

If Deb and Napoleon can have a good time, so can you!

However, despite the excitement that usually surrounds high school homecoming, the dance had one of the smallest attendances in recent history.  While those who attended seemed to have a good time, the question on everyone’s mind was, “Why is attendance so low?”

There is some speculation surrounding this unfortunate reality.  The first may be the belief that only freshmen attend the dance, discouraging many upperclassmen from attending.  Secondly,  people may have been concerned about the school policies in effect regarding behavioral problems.

However, we have the power to change all that.  Who cares, for instance, if freshmen and seniors attend the same dance?  No one says you have to dance with them, or even talk to them for that matter!  And, even if you did, freshmen may be short, but they’re not that bad.  And seniors may seem scary, but it’s not like they eat babies.  So as a reason for not attending a dance, it’s pretty weak.

Dances are a big part of school spirit, homecoming dances especially.  It’s the foundation of what keeps the school community together. There is a serious lack of school spirit if nobody shows up. School spirit increases if a lot of people participate. So one evening,  just get yourself out of the house and come on down to spend some time at a school dance. I mean, really, what else do you have to do?  You never know what you’ll miss out on….


Images: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/extramustard/images/napoleon.prom.jpg


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