RFH Songbird: Maris Krauss

by Caleigh Farragher


Maris Krauss, a fifteen-year-old singer and songwriter from Fair Haven, has been singing for most of her life.  In fact, she believes that singing “sends her to another place.”  However, only recently has she been taking voice lessons.

Krauss is a singer, songwriter, AND sophomore.

Krauss, a sophomore at RFH, has gotten an early start to a promising music career.  She has begun performing at local venues and can be found on Facebook, MySpace, and Youtube.  She has performed at the Barbaric Bean in Ocean Grove, RFH’s talent show, and the Prism Concert last school year. She hopes to gain more experience performing.

Recently, Krauss also released a music video for her original song, “Never Felt This Way.”  It features local parks and stores, as well as band members and friends.

“The video was filmed in two days. When the performance part was filmed it was done in one shot, so there was no room for error,” Krauss commented.

The whole process took a month. Krauss claims she learned a lot from this invaluable experience.  Ultimately, she is happy with the outcome of this video, and she believes it matches up well with her song and its sentiment.

Krauss’s father has helped her along the way with all of the planning, filming, and recording. He helped his daughter get into the recording studio when she wanted to record “Never Felt This Way.”  Also, he has helped her create her MySpace page, where her song is available for download. Krauss claims that she is lucky to have parents that are so supportive of her music.

Krauss’s original music and songs are stories of her life experiences that she has that she wishes to share. She is inspired by artists such as Taylor Swift, Hey Monday, Paramore, and Sara Baerilles.  When asked if she would like to have music as a career choice, she explained that she would love to be a recording artist, but that it is a little bit of a stretch. She is going to take this dream one step at a time.

If you are interested in downloading Maris Krauss’s single, “Never Felt This Way,” check her out on Facebook, MySpace, and Youtube.  Happy listening!


Image:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maris-Krauss-Music/164457150237785


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