The World of Creative Writing

by the students of RFH


RFH’s student body includes many students who love to write.  Whether it’s plays or memoirs, poetry or short stories, these students know how to put their skills to the test.  What follows are four students currently enrolled in Creative Writing, an English elective offered at RFH.  Enjoy!


Her Eyes Hold No Regret (A Villanelle)
by Amy DiReda

A moment they could never forget
Their love will never die
Her eyes hold no regret.

Two dates from the time they met
He gives the army a try
A moment they could never forget.

He knew he was going to marry this brunette
Everyday that goes by
Her eyes hold no regret.

A marriage, a baby, their life could’ve been set
Each night he asks himself, Why?
A moment they could never forget.

His life is based on a game of Russian Roulette
Every night, the world hears her cry
Her eyes hold no regret.

Encased in his arms, she dreams of forever, yet
This could be their last goodbye
A moment they could never forget
Her eyes hold no regret.


by Anonymous

Lets just say I wasn’t the prettiest girl in middle school. My hair was never perfectly coiffed like the other girls, and my figure was less than ordinary; toothpick legs with long gangly arms. As my brother called me, ‘Rector Set.

“What are those?” One of the popular pretty girls asked me one day at recess. She was pointing at my knees with a look of disgust full of 4th grade attitude. I stared at her. My plain grey eyes followed the ends of her hair all the way to the roots. Perfectly crimped from one end to the other.

“You gunna answer me?” She snorted. I looked down at my knees coming back to earth after the wave of envy was washed away. As I looked down and my heart began to sink, I realized what she was gawking at. Warts. The curse of being a typically active child, with a side of continuos clumsiness. My knees were infected with warts. Two for each knee.

“Um… uh…” My mind went blank. How was I suppose to lie my way out of this one? Burns? Blisters? But before I could react…

“Ew, are those warts?! Ohmigawd ew thats so gross! Guys look at those!” I could feel the redness flush to my cheeks, and the salty tears rush to the brims of my eyelids. I stood there in such disbelief that snotty 4th grade girls could ever be so mean. I ran away, with my face in my hands, forever scarred by their high pitched laughter. After school that day I told my mother that it was imperative to my well-being and social status as a 4th grader that I get my warts removed as soon as humanly possible, or I was wearing pants for the rest of my life. And as the doctor burned the little pests off my knees I like to think that along with the warts, he also removed my awkward years. But the small faded scars that still remain are a friendly reminder of who I was, and just how mean girls can be.


Libra (A Found Poem)
by Jillian Dinger

In the kingdom of the blind
The one-eyed man is king
The romance
That you’ve long sought out
Could be
If you are sharp enough
To pick up
The signal


Elegy to Common App
by Jocelyn Delaney

The clock spun our world
there was not enough time
for me and you
and all the same
the immensity of the hours we spent
was beyond enough

your definite indefinite
future existence
ticked away in my head

Each minute we spent together
Was a grain of sand dropped
From top to bottom
Of our hour glass
Ensuing your impending

The intimacy
Between you and me created
A vast abyss
Which filled my world apart from you
As you challenged my future
And I shared with you
My rawest self
Fragments of time began
To slip through our fingers
And passed over our heads

And in that final moment
Where your fate was held in
My hands and mine in yours
Our paths diverged
And the final drop of sand passed
Through the throat
Forever prohibiting our unity

Now I remain here
And nothing yet to show
For our sweet time together.
An empty mailbox
Waits for your sign
Showing me that
Your ended existence
In my life
Came at the right time


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