This I Believe: I Believe in Equality

by Devan Cappelli


I believe in equality. It’s a virtue of life necessity in the society we live in.  Yet, people discriminate against many things: our president, beliefs in religion, and sexual orientation.  However, there are those who are fighting back.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell is wrong. … It’s unjust, and fundamentally, it is against all that we stand for as Americans.”  Lady Gaga spoke these words when asked to comment on her position of the gay community she regularly defends.  In this quote the celebrity icon states that no matter what your sexuality you should be accepted in this country.

When people perpetuate fear and bigotry, it can really affect our society. People don’t realize that they could be affecting someone’s life by making homophobic comments or remarks against their religious beliefs. Matthew Shepard didn’t have a chance to protest against the two soldiers who killed him for his sexual orientation. It’s the exact same thing that has happened to Tyler Clementi, who on September 30, 2010, killed himself after being humiliated by two roommates because of his sexual orientation.  Clementi was only 18 years old, a freshman at Rutgers University.

So, do as you see in the posters surrounding the school:  “Think before you speak.”


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