TV Review: World of Jenks

by Caleigh Farragher


Andrew Jenks, a 24-year-old documentary maker, explores the lives and struggles of others. Jenks’ goal is to open the eyes of his viewers and show them the differences between the potentially privileged lives they live and the lives of the less fortunate.  He has done so through his new show entitled World of Jenks.

"World of Jenks" airs Mondays at 10pm on MTV.

The MTV series premiered on September 13, 2010 and chronicles Jenks living each stranger’s life for a week.  Each episode brings a new opportunity to be open to the struggles of others.  For example, when Jenks lives with Chad, a 20-year-old living with autism, the viewer sees  the daily hardships of not only David, but of his family, as well. Then, Andrew explored the life of Brogan, a 23-year-old-girl who works with ARM (Animal Rescue Mission), who risks her life trying to shut down illegal horse farms.

Jenks’ goal is simple.  He hopes to expose himself and his viewers to the lives and struggles of this generation, and in most cases he has realized how lucky he is.

Throughout each episode Jenks gives himself a more “worldly” perspective and life experience.  Many people watched this show just to see what is was all about, but after watching one episode they are pulled in and interested in upcoming episodes.  Not only does it make one realize the many ways in which people experience life, but helps them to understand the difficulties that they face.

This intriguing show airs on Monday nights at 10pm on MTV.  It includes a glimpse into the lives of  an NFL Cheerleader, a surf boarder, an animal rights activist, and many, many more.  This show is one that will change the way you look at television and your perspective on life and helping others.  So check it out!  What have you got to lose?




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