An Open Letter to Texters

by Brooke Wheaton


Dear Texters,

Cell phone abusers everywhere: if you use texting as a main form of communication, you should think otherwise.  Not only am I worried that you may hurt yourself while your nose is buried deep within your phone, but I am equally concerned that you will eventually lose all ability to communicate with the world around you.

IDK, my BFF Jill?

There are too many problems that we face as texters every day, many of which are easily avoided.  For instance, I do not understand how people keep up with all the different forms of laughter: LOL (laugh out loud), ALOL (actually laughing out loud), or ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing). While the visual is nice, I spend more time trying to figure it out than actually visualizing it.

Furthermore, all of the other texting abbreviations are just as hard to keep up with.  I can almost understand the people that use “BTW” for “by the way” or “ATM” instead of “at the moment,” but for anyone who uses “hoo” in place of “who.” you make no sense.  Whose time are you saving?  It’s the same amount of letters!  I just hope the abbreviations do not start appearing in dictionaries. What happened to the literate and articulate times?  O, nd now abbreviations r strting 2 affect how studnts rite in skewl…

The future of dating...?

A top pet peeve of mine is when people text who are in the same room. People have forgotten the use and convenience of face-to-face contact. To greet, compliment, or converse with one another in person is the best option, and-imagine this-being in the same room makes it very accessible. It’s good practice just in case the phone’s dead and your charger is unreachable.  Don’t hurt yourself, though; baby steps.  Sometimes even talking on the phone can be a better solution.

Texting can be very cryptic, too. One person can be arguing sarcastically while the other poor soul doesn’t recognize the joke and starts fighting and getting upset in all seriousness.  I mean, when all you have to work with is “K,” what is a person supposed to think?  Is this “K” uttered under someone’s breath with eyes rolling, sang jocularly through a wide smile, or screamed in utter frustration?

The best is when people send strongly-worded texts and they get a one-word response. When people generally try to express their strong feelings in a text makes it hard not to laugh. One-worded responses usually mean mad. Symbols like this: =[ known as emoticons, usually mean I’m not mad but upset. It get’s very tricky.  To help you with this, it might be easier to understand if I show how I feel in texting form: NVM. K. NBD Whatev. Bye.  :^)

Serious matters should be discussed in person. It’s impossible to tell how the person really feels when you are unable to see his or her facial expressions and actions. People can say they are laughing in a text, but instead are crying. Similarly, life-altering matters should not be announced or agreed-upon via text message.  Breaking up via text, for instance.  Horrible.  I mean, at least call the person.

Arguments with friends should be resolved in person, too. Believe it or not (it’s true though), there have been documented instances of divorce via text among married couples! And those of you who get asked out in a text… please say NO, even if it is Brad Pitt or Kim Kardashian.

And then there’s the worst: the small-talk texter.  You’d think that it would be easier to discuss plans over the phone, but no.  Sending 1,385 texts would be easier.   The conversation drags on and on about rides, times, and places.  The messaging process takes longer because you have  to wait for the text, read it, and finally respond.  While you may have lightning-fast fingers, making a quick phone call could save you a lot of time-time that you can use actually enacting the plans you’ve made!

What is the point of texting for small talk, anyway?  While it might seem fun, but it gets pretty redundant.  I mean, how much can you really say via text that you couldn’t say in person?  And in person, this conversation is still pretty sad.

A: Hey
B: Hey what’s up?
A: Nothing Much, you?
B: Nothing really.

If this is you, I recommend doing the laundry, reading this letter, or watching the history channel; each are just as intriguing.  Important things are happening all around the world , and people can’t even stop small-talk texting to see it around them!

Texters: Beware.

Texting is destroying person-to-person contact.  People are starting to loath, and even fear, phone conversations now that texting has taken over.  Girls generally send and receive about 80 texts per day while boys are sending and receiving 30.  Good job, boys, you are the less socially awkward gender this time.

In the Unites States 86% of girls text their friends everyday, as 64% of boys do the same.  One in three teens sends more than 100 texts a day. It is a scary thought knowing the text message rates keep climbing up.

After viewing these stellar statistics, texting teens represent over one half of America’s population-a population that has a very annoying (and mind-numbing) habit in common.   Congratulations.  Primates who know sign language are eons above you.  So are dolphins.

So let’s pull ourselves together-and maybe have a real conversation every once in a while!  What’s the worst that could happen?

Sincerely (G2G),

Brooke Wheaton




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