An Open Letter to the Screenwriters of “Degrassi”

by Annie Hendrick


To the Screenwriters of Degrassi,

I first must applaud you for your perseverance.  However I also wonder: When will you ever stop?  With a cast of over 49 major teenage characters, 21 adult and teacher characters, 14 minor characters, and the extensive range of issues that arise at Degrassi Community School, I have to ask: Are all Canadians this dramatic?

"Degrassi" drama

I have been watching your show since the beginning of Degrassi: The Next Generation. However, the show has been going on long before I ever knew about it.  The early ’80’s brought The Kids of Degrassi Street, featuring Snake and Spike, now featured as adults of the teens of the new generation. How many more years can this madness go on? Don’t get me wrong – I’m just as addicted to their weekly dose of Degrassi drama as the next person, but aren’t you guys running out of ideas?  It seems like you have covered everything and anything possible in the trivial lives of these Degrassi teens.

The list goes on forever: teen pregnancy and parenting, abortion, school shootings and stabbings, LGBT relationships, student-teacher relationships, cyber-stalking, sex and STD’s, drugs and alcohol, mental and eating disorders, suicide, self destruction, interracial relationships, abusive parents and unstable home life, rape, arson and robberies, violent school rivalries… and this is just the beginning.

Maybe you should start throwing in some average characters just for the thrill of it?  Kick off some of the regulars and replace them with some American actors, just for the ridiculous ordinariness of it all.  I don’t know – I’m just thinking outside of the box here, looking for some new material. But hey – I’m no Canadian screenwriter. What do I know, eh?

Let’s just say you make us American’s look normal… and that’s saying a lot. If RFH were as dramatic as Degrassi, I – well… at least we would never get bored. It can get a little ridiculous sometimes, but please, for my sake, start digging deep for new ideas, because without Degrassi, my life would be as flat as any other non-Canadian teenagers.






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