Book Review: The “Crank” Series

by  Madeline Makstein (a guest contributor)


Based vaguely off of her daughter’s life, Ellen Hopkins wrote three very -provoking books: Crank, Glass, and Fallout.  Each follow a teenager’s experimentation with drugs. Crystal Meth (also known as Crank) is the main focus of these three novels. The first two books, Crank and Glass, follow Kristina Snow and her battle with addiction.  They examine most specifically not just how drugs can affect the

"Crank" by Ellen Hopkins

person using them, but also specifically how it affects the people around them.

Because of its interesting storyline and narrative, I was unable to put this book down! All of Kristina’s triumphs and failures were spread out so sporadically; it made it almost impossible to predict what was going to happen next. I constantly felt sorry for all of her family that was affected by this horrid “Monster,” rightly named by Kristina after she realizes that there is no escaping her addition.  The third installment of the series, Fallout, follows Kristina’s 3 oldest children, Hunter, Autumn, and Summer, and their challenges with battling the problems and issues surrounding a drug-addict mother.  As the final book in the trilogy, I thought that Fallout was a great ending to a very emotional series.

Rating: **** ½

Already read the Crank series? Look for Burned, Impulse, and Tricks; three of Ellen’s other books.




One Response to “Book Review: The “Crank” Series”

  1. Joycelynne Says:

    I love this book it was awesome i wish that it never ended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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