Have a Case of the Winter Blah’s?

by Annie Hendrick


If this is the view outside your window, try these...

Well, it’s that time of the year again: winter. I know there are some of us that love getting snowed in for three days, and some of us that don’t. I prefer the latter, but unfortunately I was snowed in anyway with the rest of the winter-loving people, so in between staring at the wall and struggling with 1,000 piece puzzles, I decided to try to come up with things for both winter lovers and haters alike.

People That Love Winter Can:

  1. Make a snow angel.
  2. Build a snow fort.
  3. Build a snowman.
  4. Build an igloo – 1 through 4 are simple, but never get old.
  5. Ice skate – If you live near a frozen over pond or lake use that, if not, the Red Bank Armory is an option for local indoor ice skating.
  6. Go sledding – The graveyard hill near Shore Regional on Route 36 is a good spot for sledding.
  7. Shovel a path in the yard like a maze – it could help your dogs get out of the house, as well.
  8. Have a snowball fight – but don’t get into a fight with anyone who doesn’t enjoy winter.
  9. Do anything else that involves being outside and enjoying the snow.

An example of the fun you could have: RFH Sledders

People That Hate Winter Can:

  1. Stay inside and list all of the things that snow prevents you from doing.
  2. Stay home from school – one perk the snow brings.
  3. Watch a lot of TV marathons – search your 9,000 channels for something interesting.
  4. Watch a lot of movie marathons.
  5. Read books – try to prevent your brain from turning to mush after all that TV and movies.
  6. Break out the old board games and puzzles – puzzles are time-consuming and will make the time go by, if you have the patience.
  7. Bake something – then you can eat it, while happily not going to gym because of the bad conditions of the roads.
  8. Attempt to go somewhere that provides other indoor entertainment – you might run out of ideas quickly you’re stuck indoors, which is probably where your hate for winter stems from…

Almost everyone can do all of these things, so pick and choose from whatever list suits you – maybe both. These are just some things you can do, but try whatever will make the winter fun for you, or whatever makes the time pass until the spring!




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