Michael Douglas Getting Better

by Nick Cognata


Sixty-six-year-old Michael Douglas is one of the most talented, well respected actors in all of the movie industry.  He is known for his roles in Black Rain, Basic Instinct (MTV Movie Award nomination), Wall Street (Oscar win) and Traffic. Recently Douglas has taken a turn for the worst; in August he announced on the David Letterman Show that he has stage four throat cancer.  Since then there have been a few advancements in Douglas’ unfortunate situation, but people are still wondering what will cure him and what he will do if he survives his battle.

Douglas with wife, Zeta-Jones

Douglas has just finished weeks of radiation and chemotherapy treatment.  The bad news is that this treatment has made him look significantly “weaker.”   The good  news, however, is that doctors have seen much progress in his recovery.  Douglas’ doctors say that he has an eighty percent chance of survival.  Thanks to his progress Douglas is less likely to face more radiation or chemotherapy treatment.

“Michael is totally focused on his recovery,” says his publicist Allen Burry.  His wife ,Catherine Zeta-Jones (Traffic, Chicago), has temporarily canceled all scheduled shootings in order to look after and support her husband.

If Douglas survives he has already decided to retire from his acting career in order to spend more time with his family. He wants to be with his two children from his marriage with Jones.




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