Movie Review: “The Next Three Days”

by Nick Cognata


What do you do when suddenly your world has been turned upside down?  When the person you love as been ripped away from you and your family?  Would you have what it takes to do what is necessary?  Even if it stepped outside the boundaries of the law?

Russel Crowe shines in "The Next Three Days"

Russell Crowe (Gladiator, Robin Hood) has another stunning performance in his newest movie, The Next Three Days. Also featured in the film is the talented Elizabeth Banks (Role Models , W.), who plays Crowe’s wife.  Well-known writer and director Paul Haggis (Crash, In the Valley of Elah) is the involved in the film.  This well acted, written and directed thriller will have you biting your fingernails for the entire duration of the film.

John (Crowe) and Lara (Banks) Brennan are a happily married couple with a little boy named Luke (Ty Simpkins). Everything is fine until the morning the police break down their door and arrest Lara for the murder of her boss.  For the next three years, John works to try to prove his wife’s innocence, but his lawyer tells him that there is no way he can win this case.  Now John is forced to work outside of the law; he decides that he is going to have to break her out of prison in order to be with her and that is where the audience really starts to get into the film.

The Next Three Days has all of the necessities to make a film worth watching; a good script, great directing and top notch acting. Paul Haggis’ witty and intelligent characters once again impress.  And as always, he includes his trademark quick-cut action scenes to capture the eye of each viewer.  Crowe, kudos to you for presenting such feelings of desperation and determination in this film.  This is not the kind of movie that is worthy of awards, but if you’re looking for a good thriller with some drama, check it out.




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