Music Review: Avril Lavigne is Back!

by Brooke Wheaton


Lavigne's first album, "Let it Go"

Avril Lavigne, singer and song writer from Canada, became popular in 2002 with her debut single entitled “Complicated” and album Let Go. Easily described as a scrappy  skater chick wearing dark eye liner, black nail polish, and baggy jeans, she set herself apart from other popular  (and, interestingly enough, blond) singers like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera,  Jessica Simpson, and Mandy Moore.

While the singers’ “status quo” at the time called for singing about light-hearted situations or simply about love, Lavigne exposed her edgy side with angry, opinionated songs that celebrated strength and independence. Through her music and style, Lavigne created and maintained an image that let others know she did not care too much about what they thought of her.

Lavigne's 2004 album, "Under My Skin"

Lavigne’s first album was successful.  Her songs became hits and her following album, Under My Skin, was released in 2004. However, her image began to change in 2007 when her album, The Best Damn Thing, and hit single, “Girlfriend,” were released.  Lavigne’s songs were still edgy, but her image lightened and some of her style went into her new album. Despite the album’s success, Lavigne decided to end her singing career shortly thereafter.

However, she has continued writing and stayed busy.  She wrote the song “Alice” for last year’s film, Alice in Wonderland, as well as numerous hits for numerous recording artists.  She even started her own clothing line, Abbey Dawn, and two perfume lines, Black Star and Forbidden Rose.

Lavigne's ever-changing style

Lavigne could not stay away from singing her own songs forever, though, and decided to write another single to kick off 2011.  She released “What The Hell” at midnight on New Year’s Day. Her new album is expected to come out in March and is entitled Goodbye Lullaby.  Since she has already sold more than thirty million albums, the album is predicted to be a success.

Lavigne's much-anticipated album

Lavigne claimed that while writing her new songs, “I pushed myself and didn’t hold back.”   There are a total of fourteen songs on her upcoming album. It is anticipated to show a more emotional side because of what Lavigne has been going through in her life. She has recently divorced from husband and Sum-41 band member, Deryck Whibley.  They have been friends since Avril was seventeen, dating since she was nineteen, and married since twenty-one. They are still friends and Avril Lavigne still respects him, but she was the one to request the divorce.

Avril Lavigne is down to earth and knows everyone goes though hardships; whether it is missing someone, about love, or family she will have a song for it on her new album in March. This singer/songwriter is back in the game and singing about the unusual again, confessing in her new single, “I don’t really care about if you love me, if you hate me you can save me.”


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2 Responses to “Music Review: Avril Lavigne is Back!”

  1. Kar Says:

    I have been getting really sick of all of the currently popular female artists, which is why I am so excited about Avril Lavigne’s return to music. I can’t wait for Avril’s new album, and I have be reading that the rest of the album is deeper and more meaningful, and that is what I am really excited about.

  2. Shannan Says:

    This is so good, Avril is so underappreciated..Keep up the good work girll!

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