Sing Along with “Glee”

by Alyson Raywood


The hit TV series Glee began in September of 2009. For those of you that don’t know, or don’t watch it, Glee is a farcical comedy series that directs most of its attention to a high school choir, the Glee Club.  This choir isn’t taken seriously, and is stigmatized as a refuge for outcasts and losers.   At the beginning of the season, the majority of the other students make fun of the club’s member.  And it’s not only the students, but the also the obnoxious gym teacher and cheerleading coach who acts as the club’s arch nemesis.  She wants nothing more then to rid the school of those cheery, vibrato voices.

A common sight for "Glee" fans

Despite the TV show’s success, may people do not know that Glee was originally supposed to be a film.   It was created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan; the music chosen for the episodes are a balance between current top hits and show tunes.  When it came to the pilot episode in early May 2009, the show averaged ten million viewers; despite that seemingly positive popularity, however, the New York Times labeled the show “unoriginal, with stereotyped characters.”  The Daily News called it “imperfect, but heartwarming.”  So, the messages about this new show were mixed, and the opinions on whether the show was good or not weren’t clear.

Each week brings a couple of new songs that most people know and love, anywhere from classics like “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond and “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey, to current hits like “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry and “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. Anticipating the song the club will sing next is the best part of the show!

A typical day at this high school

In a way, this TV series is able to prove that something as seemingly insignificant as music can create a bond that ultimately helps a group of neglected high school students survive the troubles and drama of being teenagers. The concept of using music to empower of a group of students metaphorically relates to many high school students throughout the world today.  Whether a sport or talent, students can use their gifts to find their place in the world.   This is the reason why this show became so successful so quickly.  After all, Not only who wouldn’t be intrigued by a show where they can sing along to the tunes they listen to everyday?

For anyone who is looking for a new series to watch on TV, Glee serves as the perfect choice. It stands as a strong representation for all of the different types of high school students in the world, and the struggles they face.  The characters show that singing together helps them deal with their problems.  And although some of the audience reading this aren’t into music or the whole idea of a high school choir, it is still pretty funny, and able to relate to the typical teenage life.




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