Table of Contents: 2010-2011 2nd Edition


Welcome, readers, to another edition of the Tower Review!  Thank you for your loyalty to our staff and writing community!  Please don’t forget to share your thoughts and impressions with us–at the bottom of every piece you can write a comment.  We would appreciate the feedback!

More Tower Review, please!

As always, happy reading!

The Tower Review Staff and Miss Howard


Culture at Large
The Ultimate Fail by Elsa Stoff
Have a Case of the Winter Blah’s? by Annie Hendrick
Hallway Happenings by Mike Schutsky
New Years Resolutions by Peter Lyden
Student Fiction: A Question You Asked Me by an anonymous contributor
Holiday Traveling and the Winter Blues by Devan Cappelli
New Fair Haven Streetscapes: The Best Course of Action? by Nick Lenczyk

Close to Home: Social Justice Club by Caleigh Farragher
YouTube Community Gives Back: Project for Awesome by Elsa Stoff
Holiday Express: A Time for Giving by Caleigh Farragher
TSA’s New Body Scanners by Kelsey McCauley
LeBron James Can Handle the Heat by Pat Gunther
A New Way to Ride: Quiet Commute Cars by Peter Lyden
Michael Douglas Getting Better by Nick Cognata

Playlists for Fictional Characters by Brooke Wheaton
Sing Along with Glee by Alyson Raywood
Top 10 Sports Moments of 2K10 by Mike Schutsky
Oscar Predictions for 2011 by Nick Cognata
Top 20 Songs of 2010 by Devan Cappelli
A Decade of Super Bowl Performances by Devan Cappelli
Super Bowl Commercials by Kelsey McCauley

Concert Review: Roger Waters and The Wall by Elsa Stoff
Book Review: The Crank Series by Madeline Makstein
Music Review: Avril Lavigne is Back! by Brooke Wheaton
Movie Review: The Next Three Days by Nick Cognata
Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deather Hallows, Part I by Peter Lyden
The BCS in Review by Pat Gunther
NFL Playoffs Predictions by Pat Gunther
What’s Up With That?! Cameras at RFH by Nick Lenczyk
Where Do We Park? by Nick Lenczyk

The Final Word
An Open Letter to Texters by Brooke Wheaton
An Open Letter to Things That Annoy Me by Caleigh Farragher
New Year’s Resolutions: A Meditation by Alyson Raywood
An Open Letter to the Screenwriters of Degrassi by Annie Hendrick

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