Top 20 Songs of 2010

by Devan Cappelli


#1  “What’s my name?”

Rihanna's hot single

Rihanna ft. Drake

With her 5th studio album Loud, Rihanna has hit #1 for the eighth time in her career. But she did have help from a very well known rapper known as Drake…

#2  “Like a G6”
Far East Movement ft. Gataras & Dex
Like a G6 [Live from the Cherrytree House]

They’re poppin’ more than bottles but now they are poppin’ the Top 20 Chart as #2 the Far East Movement with Like a G6.

#3  Just The Way You Are
Bruno Mars
Doo-Wops & Hooligans

Ladies, he loves you just the way you are…and gentlemen, you might want to watch out for the charmer Bruno Mars, at #3.

#4  “Only Girl (In The World)”
Only Girl (In The world)

She wants to be treated like the only girl in the world, and it’s hard to ignore her with her fiery personality and red hair.


#5  “We R Who We R”

Hope you know how to party and can handle glitter all over you, because Ke$ha is partying her way to #5 on the chart.

#6  “Just A Dream”
Just A Dream

He was thinkin’ about him, and he was thinkin’ about her but was he thinkin’ that he made it to #6 on the charts with “Just a Dream?”  By your favorite boy, Nelly.

#7  “Raise Your Glass”
Greatest Hits…So Far

She’s raising her glass to her greatest hits; P!nk and her underdogs are doing just fine at #7.

"Bottoms Up"

#8  “Bottoms Up”
Trey Songz ft. Niki Minaj
Passion, Pain & Pleasure

He loves to watch them girls “shake it in them jeans,” but I think Trey Songz rather watch his new hit “Bottoms Up” ft. Niki Minaj shake it up further then #8 on the chart.

#9  “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love”
Usher ft. Pitbull
DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love

He’s more than a zombie come back to life!  Usher is back on the charts at #9!   Ft. Pitbull and the DJ sure has us fallin’ in love with his new hit.

#10  “Firework”

Katy Perry's "Firework"

Katy Perry
Teenage Dream

Katy Perry is a new breakthrough artist, acting just like her new song “Firework” at #10.

#11 “Dynamite”
Taio Cruz

He’s had everyone throwing their hands up saying Ayoo!! At #11 Taio Cruz is definitely exploding like his new song “Dynamite.”

#12 “Teenage Dream”
Katy Perry
Teenage Dream

Russell Brand is making this 26-year-old pop singer feel like a Teenager all over again. Katy Perry at #12 with “Teenage Dream.”

#13 “Whip My Hair”
Whip My Hair

So how are you at flipping your hair? I’m sure Will Smith wishes he could, but it’s not him!   It’s his little hip hop daughter, Willow Smith, whipping her hair back and forth at #13.

#14 “Club Can’t Handle Me”
Flo Rida ft. David Guetta
Step Up 3D (Original Soundtrack)

The club isn’t the only thing that can’t handle Flo Rida; the charts can’t either, but they are trying to keep him tame at #14.

Neon Trees are animals

#15 “Animal”
Neon Trees

There is an animal inside Neon Trees; all they want to do is get on the chart, and they did at #15.

#16 “Mine”
Taylor Swift

All Taylor Swift wanted was the boy of her dreams to be hers, but along with that she also got her song “Mine” on the chart at #16.

#17 “Please Don’t Go”
Mike Posner
31  Minutes to Takeoff

“Please Don’t Go” is all Mike Posner is asking, and hopefully his song listens and stays on the charts at #17.

#18 “I Like It”
Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull

Enrique Iglesias is liking it along with Pitbull .  Both are proud to keep their single I Like It at #18 on the chart.

#19 “Deuces”
Chris Brown ft. Tyga & Kevin McCall

A great combo

Chris Brown ft. Tyga and Kevin McCall are still on the chart with “Deuces” at #19.

#20 “Love The Way You Lie”
Eminem ft. Rihanna

Rihanna isn’t very happy about the way Eminem is lying, but he’s working his way back being #20 on the Top 20 Chart of 2010.




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