Where Do We Park?

by Nick Lenczyk


As many student drivers have learned the hard way, there is no place to park on RFH property.  Most spots in the small lots that are located to the north and west of the school are for staff and faculty.  Many have recognized this problem when they are forced to park off school property and away from any entrance to the school.

It’s annoying especially when you go down the road to Red Bank Regional where everybody can park in a lot on school property.  This has been a problem for years but it gets even worse especially when it snows.  Those that park in the “strip,” as many call it, located along the side of Bingham Avenue, are cut off completely from the school.  There literally is no way to school other then walking in the road when it snows.  The tiny walkway that runs through the middle of the western fields is never shoveled,  either, and even if you manage to get to the western parking lot then you have to scale a huge icy pile of snow!

Possible ideas everybody could look into are maybe replacing the mud field on RFH’s southwestern part of the school’s property with pavement and sidewalk.  Maybe even redesign the current parking lots to increase space and areas for optimal snow removal.  Whatever needs to be done, let’s do it fast!


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