A Night to Remember: The Freshman Dance

by Kelsey McCauley


The freshman dance started at 7pm and ended at 10pm. When you arrived at the dance you were overwhelmed by the large number of freshmen in attendance. Everyone had to sign in before you entered and there you received tickets to put them into a prize you wanted to win. You were told to put all of your belongings in the back room.

The tables provided a smorgasbord of food, including subs, cookies, and brownies.  The cafeteria was divided into two sections, one for eating and the other for dancing. The dance was so crowded you could barely breathe. More people showed up for the freshman dance then the homecoming and everyone was invited to the homecoming.

The teachers had a fun time too. Mr. Lippart had some interesting dance moves. Overall everybody had a good time and we as a class should definitely do it again.


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