DJ Fishbulb: The Future of Hip-Hop

by Pat Gunther


Over the course of this past year, RFH has seen a wide variety of talented musicians. Ranging from guitarists to singers, the RFH music scene is developing some of the most talented young musicians in the area. This year, however, a freshman introduced a new type of musical talent to the school.

Freshman Glen Wise, better known by his stage name DJ Fishbulb, is one of the premier DJ’s and hip-hop producers in the area. I first discovered Wise’s talents over the summer at a school-related function called Thursday Night Lights. At this particular event, Wise provided the patrons with music and sound effects that entertained people of all musical tastes. After this encounter, I began to develop an interest in his music. I gave some of his songs a listen, and was very impressed to say the least. From quirky YouTube video remixes to Aesop Rock-like grungy beats, DJ Fishbulb was entertaining.

Wise came into the school year hoping to develop his talents as a producer and DJ. From scratching to creating smooth or funny videos and songs, Wise has found his niche in the RFH music scene. In addition to all of the DJ work he does, Wise has taken up the piano in his spare time. Although he enjoys the piano, he first realized his passion for music at the tender age of 10.

“I began working with music programs on the computer when I was pretty young” Wise said. “These programs allowed me to produce beats and songs, which really got me into the whole DJ concept,” he added.

Glen then began working with mixing and scratching records.  “I bought my first set of turn tables a couple of years ago when I first started actually scratching, but I’ve loved it since I was really young. I first heard it on Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory, and their DJ Mr. Hahn scratched on a lot of their songs. Ever since then I’ve been interested in it.”

Whether it’s his producing or scratching, Wise definitely displays his talents in every song he creates. Not only did this unique talent provide him with an outlet for his musical expression, but it also helped him grow as a pianist.

“It (producing) really helped me distinguish between tempos and timing of songs,” said Wise. “Overall though it has allowed me to enjoy different kinds of music.”

As far as his impact on the RFH hip-hop scene goes, Wise felt that he had contributed a great deal. “Well ,DJ Fishbulb is hip-hop at RFH. I really helped by being the first producer here, making beats for Filth Pig one of my best friends, and it just grew from there,” Wise said.

The sudden hip-hop frenzy at the school certainly has DJ Fishbulb busy. His recent releases “Pocket Change” and “Windmills” have been fan-favorites and have been sampled by a plethora of RFH’s rappers.

Wise’s talents have drastically improved in the past months, showing his dedication to DJ’ing and his willingness to experiment with different sounds.

When asked about the future of his hobby, Wise said “I think every release that I put out will only get better. The quality of the instrumental or the song is just going to go up from here.” Wise also looked distant future and told me about his plans. “I don’t know if I’d like to make a career out of this, but it is a possibility. I’ve always wanted to be a pianist for a band or something like that but maybe someday I’ll make something great, and out of that comes a career,” Wise stated.

Whether Wise eventually makes a living out of his hobby has yet to be seen, but he will continue to produce great music for the next several months.  These releases will provide students with the opportunity to hear Wise for possibly the first time, and help his fan base grow even larger. If you are interested in learning more about DJ Fishbulb, you can check out his Facebook page or Soundcloud profile. No matter what kind of music you listen to, I guarantee you will be entertained by DJ Fishbulb.

DJ Fishbulb at Soundcloud


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