Movie Review: Limitless

by Nick Cognata


"Limitless" opened this March

If you could use 100% of your brain, what would you be capable of?  Think about it: what could you do? The possibilities would be limitless.

Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is a deadbeat writer in New York who is having difficulty finishing his book. When he bumps into an old colleague, named Vernon (Johnny Whitworth), everything changes for him. This old friend works for a pharmaceutical company that has just created a drug that allows anyone to access 100% of his or her brain. When Eddie takes this drug, everything that he has ever read or seen is organized in his mind.  Anything that he wants to do or figure out is a simple task.

Before you know it, he is getting involved in the business world and is making more money by day when on the drug then he ever has in his life. He soon sparks the attention of rich businessman Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro).  Eddie is making millions, but soon finds out the deadly consequences of taking this drug…

DeNiro and Cooper in "Limitless"


Bradley Cooper (The Wedding Crashers, The Hangover) has impressed me quite a bit in his latest movie, Limitless. I always thought that Cooper was just another actor that got his audience’s attention with his good looks, but in Limitless he manages to get our attention with his talent.  His role is a big step for him, but he carries it with stride and confidence.

Director Neil Burg’s (The Illusionist, The Lucky Ones) work is terrific and smart.  This man manages to explore all different and unique directing techniques. As a director he has shown me that he is extremely diversified with his directing style.

Limitless will keep you watching from beginning to end; it is one of the most entertaining movies I have seen all year.  The directing for this film is nothing short of awesome.  Just like Burg’s film The Illusionist, Limitless’ directing is sharply cut with great camera shots.  Cooper had a near-flawless performance.  I hope to see him continue to develop with each film he works with.

However, the writer of the film (Leslie Dixon) had a couple of scenes that were completely unrealistic and requires the audience’s willing suspension of disbelief.  Sorry Dixon, but there were a couple of scenes that I just didn’t buy.


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2 Responses to “Movie Review: Limitless”

  1. Mr Galante Says:

    I saw this movie over the weekend. It reminded me of the story kids read in middle school called “Flowers for Algernon.” The morale I draw from this is that there arent short cuts in life. Achievement is based on guts and determination; those looking for shortcuts in life will never get there.

  2. Tom Says:

    I thought it was one of the best films of the year. Cooper was charismatic and the action never got boring. Good stuff.

    I definatly didnt get that morale, Mr Galante…I think it was quite the opposite 🙂

    My full review of Limitless is here:

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